10 Best AI Business Tools To Uplift Your Brand

August 18, 2023
AI Business

Why Must You Use Ai Tools for Business?

AI Business Tools: The recent time indicates that the companies adopting the latest technologies earlier are faster than others in climbing the ladder of success.

Moreover, by looking at history, we can see how digitalization and automation have revolutionized the industrial or Business sectors.

So, you must start incorporating the latest ai technology in your businesses for the following reasons. 

  • To have better management and quality control.
  • Get better consumer insights. 
  • Fewer chances of errors and blunders than humans.
  • Virtual assistance.
  • Consistent quality output.
  • Better decision-making based on data.
  • Improved marketing.
  • Minimum utilization of resources

The above reason are a few of the many if we keep talking about this, so the quicker you let these tools work for you, the sooner you will reap their benefits.  

10 Best ai business to streamline your workflow and reduce time-consuming tasks by bringing digitalization with the help of artificial intelligence

Best AI Tools For Business 

Best AI Tools For Business

If you have decided to implement the latest ai technology for your company or brand, then there is no need to spend time searching for the most suitable one.

Instead of searching for them individually, look at the list of the best ai tools for every business size to find one or many matching your requirements.  

1- Pictory

The first tool included in the best one is Pictory, a platform for ambitious and growing businesses that thrive on content creation.

It allows you to create and edit videos with captions, change blogs into engaging videos, add narrations to visuals through AI features, and get stunning results.

Moreover, it uses ai technology, which lets this platform generate high conversion rate videos in minutes, enhancing employees’ work efficiency and providing better results in no time.

Benefits In Business

  • Marketing: Without a doubt, marketing is crucial for the growth of the Business, and Pictory can help you create short eye appealing branded videos, especially for social media marketing. 
  • Freelancing: Professional or beginner freelancers can learn and create videos on it to sell on Fiverr, Upwork, and other online work platforms
  • Youtube creators: Vloggers and other video creators use it to attract more viewers with high-quality videos.
  • Course designing: Educators can design courses and video lectures to improve institutions’ e-learning.
  • Meetings: You can highlight text and edit videos to discuss during seminars, webinars, and Zoom recordings.

What does it cost?

No credit card is required to use it for free and then upgrade to any of its three-price plans to enhance the working experience.

2- Jasper

Jasper is one of the best ai content writing platforms with features to help your business stand tall compared to others.

Give voice to your brands with Jasper ai technology, enabling you to write over 15000 words in less than 15 minutes.

It can write social media ads, Google ads, blog posts and marketing emails, press releases, and article descriptions.

Benefits in Businesses

  • Brand voice & styles: you can train it to write content that perfectly matches your tone and brand aesthetics.
  • Authors: Write entertaining stories, customer case studies, and informative articles for readers.
  • Chrome extension: you can bring it anywhere online because of its Chrome extension features.
  • Translation: Reach wider audiences by writing content in any language to target global customers. 
  • Customizable: It is a platform that allows you to customize its working according to your business nature and size.
  • Campaigns: jasper ai Assistant can write the whole content creating process for any marketing campaign without using any other platform while maintaining your business identity.

What Are the Charges?

Jasper has three plans to match your requirements: Business, Teams, and Creator. Moreover, nonprofit organizations can get 20% off all these offers.

3- Murf

Murf is one of the most impressive ai business tools for voice and text to speech generation. Users can use this tool for creativity, entertainment, and corporate purposes.

Voice generated using this platform through artificial technology sounds 100% realistic and natural, like humans.

Moreover, it enables you to give creative sounds in videos, Voiceovers and provide a voice to written scripts and speeches for advertisements, video games, e-learning, and product demos.

Benefits for Different Businesses

  • Authors: Providing narration lets you experience what customers will feel while reading your stuff.
  • Education: Teachers can give audio lessons and engaging narration to students finding reading boring.
  • Podcasting: Create quality podcasts by providing a script to Murf for generating preferable ai voices.
  • Creators: Video creators can do voiceovers for global viewers using Murf in over 120 languages.  
  • Advertisements: Record customer support messages and quality audio guidelines for online assistance.
  • Discussion: Present slides with voiceover in business meetings and seminars with your teammates or employees. 

What is the Cost?

Murf has four user plans, including the free plan with limited features, and requires a signup payment plan to access all its features.

4- Hitpaw Photo Enhancers

Quality matters the most to customers of present times. For this purpose, to create quality digital content, we included Hitpaw photo enhancer in our list of best ai tools that are useful for Business.

It is an easy to use ai image enhancer tool that solves all quality issues with just a few clicks and can be used for both Windows and Mac devices.

Moreover, this tool will tell you that you dont need to spend money on buying heavy and expensive cameras or devices to create quality pictures and photos.

Benefits For Business

  • Enhance efficiency: You can quickly upgrade multiple photos through batch processing.
  • 4k to 8k: creators and amateurs can upscale the resolution of their visual material up to 8k.
  • Beauty Brands: Cosmetic and beauty businesses can show better product demos with its face model feature.
  • Photographers: Beginners in photography can upscale and sharpen their images and photos to enhance the quality of their work.
  • Social media post: Marketers and advertisers can upload or post enhanced pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage customers more. 

What’s the Price?

Hitpaw platform offers multiple tools, out of which this Hitpaw photo enhancer is only $19.99/month for now, and you can also get a free trial to observe its working.

5- Lovo

Lovo is another excellent ai business tool to generate voice content for the banking, entertainment, gaming, documentary, and news industry.

Lovo is a powerful tool with rich features having Artificial intelligence support. Moreover, its cutting-edge ai technology creates voices and can also write content and generate ai art and images.

Benefits For Business

  • Dubbing: Tv shows and film producers can generate quality dubbing voices freeing them from hiring voice artists.
  • Create Videos: Genny software of Lovo allows marketers and video creators to create videos from scratch.
  • More Reach: Businesses intended to reach international communities can incorporate its over 100 language feature to write and generate voices for scripts.  
  • Expert Help: Joining this platform connects you with a large community of users to help you learn and gain expertise from each other.
  • Product Demos: Spice up your product demo videos with its ai voices to captivate the audience.

What Are the Charges?

You can pay monthly or yearly after choosing from its 4 pricing plans, including a free program to test its functionality.

6- Speechify

The name indicates itself for what it is best. Yes, specify can be the number one text to speech generator for your content-creating Business.

Moreover, you can highlight notes, do video dubbing, generate natural human-like voices, and develop faster listening speeds with Speechify.

Benefits For Business

  • Accessibility: Easily available for Chrome as a Chrome extension, iOS, Mac, and Android.
  • Convenience: You can take it anywhere for listening assignments, articles, and books faster than reading.
  • Education: Allows Institutes to conduct tests, exams, and reading tasks among visually impaired or disabled students.
  • Turn anything: Turn any article, document, or pdf content into podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Video Dubbing: Ai technology can dub your video in over 100 languages and dialects. 


You can try it for free or get a whole experience of all features when you upgrade to a premium plan.

7- Fireflies

Fireflies is the best ai tool for business meetings, webinars, and discussions with employees, partners, and teammates.

Gain valuable insights on discussions and turn your meetings into knowledgeable platforms for business development and growth. 

Benefits For Business

  • Streamline workflow: It can integrate with calendars to automatically join meetings and online events on Zoom, google, and other platforms in place of you.
  • Saves time: It can capture and record meetings to get a detailed analysis after freeing yourself from other business activities.
  • Search: it lets you search themes, topics, action items, and questions to discuss with employees and teammates.
  • Marketing: fireflies allow you to evaluate and monitor your meeting to compare it with competitors and understand buyers better.


Flexible pricing plans for everyone from free to pro, Business, and enterprise with monthly and yearly billing methods.

8- Synthesis

Synthesis is the leading ai virtual media platform to generate ai voices, videos, images, and avatars for your content-based Business.

Users and business firms can perform multiple tasks under a single platform, from writing to editing and generating content.

Benefits For Business

  • Conveniences: It provides more than 69 human ai voices, including males and females, for videos with over 145 languages and 254 unique voice styles. 
  • Agencies: Digital agencies can impress their clients by completing their work and tasks in minutes instead of hours, using its vast media stock library, ai voices.
  • Connect with customers: Branding messages and personalized customer support help you gain loyal customers for your Business.
  • Commercials: Its high-resolution output is perfect for creating social media, Tv, and product advertisements. 


Provide affordable pricing packages according to user requirements and needs. 

9- Reply

Individuals looking to increase their Business total revenue must use the Reply an ai business tool to avail new and enhanced opportunities.

It is a powerful sales automation tool with ai technological features for services-providing and sales-focusing businesses.

Benefits For Business

  • Communication: It helps users connect with clients and possible customers through a multichannel approach.
  • Gain Customers: Its B2B databases allow you to filter and target the right customers for your products.
  • Email marketing: Users can track and evaluate their marketing campaigns and collect valuable insights.
  • Outreach: It allows you to optimize outreach campaigns and increase reply rates. 


Have 4 pricing plans for Business specifically, including a free program to test its functionality and working.

10- Feathery

Harnessing the power of artificial technology feathery tool is developed to build customizable forms for onboarding, applications, signups, and more.

It requires no coding skills to provide a simple login, payment flow, financial application forms, and communication channels and prevent unauthorized access to users or customer data. 

Benefits In Business

  • Integration: It connects you with thousands of other platforms, including Zapier and webhooks making your workflow easy.
  • Privacy: It protects users’ data at any cost by preventing access to unauthorized users.
  • Payment: Easily create a simple payment flow with a dynamic style and display it in your forms.
  • Onboarding: begins a flawless user login process using its integration list and visual editor.
  • User Application: It allows you to create powerful user applications for financial purposes without coding. 

What Does it Cost?

Have four payment plans to explore all features other than a free plan with limited services.

Benefits of Using These AI Tools In Business

AI Business

Look at all the benefits you can get using these best ai business tools, and it will help you understand the importance of how automation can revolutionize your Business. 

Increased Productivity

All these ai tools use artificial intelligence to do every task quicker and faster than humans. 

AI will bring automation and digitization to your company or brand to streamline your workflow efficiently. 

You can complete more tasks in less time, enhancing your productivity and saving time for other business activities. 

Automate your business workflow with these top 10 ai business tools for better utilization of resources, decision making, and quality output for business.

Customer satisfaction

Computer algorithms are better at understanding the needs and requirements of customers by analyzing their purchasing and searching journey.

AI software and tools let you know customers’ demands and feedback, which help you improve customer and product services.

They improve all customer satisfaction indicators and enable you to make better decisions for future strategies based on vast data.

Increase Revenue

Enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction mean more chances of sales and branding, and more sales mean increased revenue for the Business. 

Quality Output

There will always be fewer chances of errors and blunders made by ai business tools than by humans, so you will get consistent and quality work every time you perform your task using this ai equipped software.

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