5 AI Music Generator: Create, Compose, and Sing with

July 25, 2023
5 AI Music Generators

Do you want to compose and produce creative music using ?

Do You wish to write beautiful melodies and lyrics?

You wish to hear someone’s song in your favorite artist’s voice.

You will be so happy to know that artificial intelligence has an answer to all of your music-related queries too.

Discover these 5 ai music generators to make songs and background music. See how AIVA, Ecrett Music, and Boomy make innovative beats, sounds, and songs, for you

Artificial intelligence has officially taken over music, art, and films like every other field. Now, music producers can find new ways to produce music and be more productive.


Moreover, your favorite musicians and idols can discover melodies and rhythms to sing and record new songs for you.

5 AI Music Generators to Create Unique Songs

Choosing what is best for anyone among plenty of available options is always challenging, and the same is valid with music tools.

Many tools and software are available online, and selecting the most suitable one takes work and time.

To help you integrate AI into your music fantasies, let us assist you in selecting what is good for you by disclosing the list of top 5 ai music generators to create unique songs.


At the top of our ai music maker list is none other than the AIVA music generator, which you must use whenever you decide to compose emotional and heart-touching soundtracks and albums.

Modify Existing Sounds

You can compose music of the same style, similar to what you created before, to have the same impact on your audience by uploading your music file.

Create New Music

It gives a preset styles feature containing pre-defined styles such as pop, tango, electronic, and many more to let you compose new music of different genres.

Commercial use

AIVA gives you a license to use songs you created on it for every commercial platform. You own the songs and music you made using this tool and have complete copyrights of compositions.

2- Boomy

It is best for people who wish to start their music journey. Users can make their soundtracks with AI music maker Boomy. It can fulfill your aim to become a music artist and let you search through hashtags for the type of music you wish to make.

It uses Al algorithms to make ai music or edit songs entirely different and innovative from others in under 10 seconds.

Moreover, it is a free ai music generator, but for a better experience and quality can register for paid plans too.

Get Paid

After composing ai music using this platform, you can upload it on a streaming platform to let others hear the masterpiece you created and, in return, get paid for it.

It connects you to over 40 streaming platforms once you finish making and uploading a song. Moreover, it reports daily streaming numbers to let you monitor your song performance.

Sound Mixing and Design

Users can enjoy its advanced audio production process by adding sound effects, laying advanced audio designs, and handcrafted echo sounds while making songs.

It lets you use the custom style feature for adding new mixing styles to provide unique production and warmth to your music.

If You Can’t Sing

Boomy has a ‘Add vocals’ feature to adjust your vocal line if you can sing a little rap and melodies.

Furthermore, if you are tone deaf to singing but still desire to sing like your favorite artist, this platform provides an experimental option of Auto-Vocal. It converts your regular audio or un-pitched voices into a song’s vocal line.  

3- Soundful

Soundful will give you an outlook of what future ai music will look like, and you want to take advantage of every opportunity to make music this easy and fast for your listeners.

Moreover, continuous stress on singers, writers, and composers to make new songs for their fans has resulted in fewer unique and similar-sounding songs.

To deal with this, Soundful allows you to compose new sounds and beats at the click of a button for your videos, podcast, parties, etc.

Become a producer

Like a singer, producers are no less than a backbone for any song. They design background music and the flow of the songs.

Soundful is an excellent platform for producers wanting to design creative music, render songs according to their liking, and make new background music.

AI music makers let producers create magic in background music to save them from releasing music sounding similar to others.

Theme and mood templates

It lets you make music according to your mood with its already present mood templates, including chill beats and holiday lo-fi.

Furthermore, users can select many more themes, like Latin hip pop, for the type of music they want to compose and design.

Copyright strikes

You dont have to worry about using someone’s music for your videos and other music post, as you can create your sounds to add to your videos and campaigns without fearing copyright claims and strikes.

4- Ecrett Music

It is the best ai music generator for video creators looking to add engaging and fun beat music to their video content. It makes ai music faster than many platforms at reasonable pricing plans.

After analyzing millions of existing sounds and songs, it generates music best for videos. And the most crucial feature of it is that you dont have to sign for terms and conditions as it is completely royalty-free.

Friendly Interface

Ecrett Music has a simple and easy-to-use interface where you must select at least one option from a genre or scene to give any idea of what you are trying to produce and click ‘Create music.’

A fun fact about this software is that every time you will get different music by following the same settings until it matches your liking.

Customize instruments

You can add the sound of any instrument, such as drum, piano, or bass, and customize their length and structure in a few clicks.


It allows testing whether the produced sound is perfect for your video. Video creators can upload their videos to adjust and match the sound with their videos.  

5- SoundDraw

The last great option on our list of best ai music composers is Soundraw which can let you compose songs even if you dont have the knowledge and skills to make music.

You can take inspiration from the sounds already present on the platform by their internal producer’s team to make your own.

It will use the original version of songs you love to match your style and allows you to customize it.

Moreover, it is a free ai music generator, but you must subscribe to paid plans for unlimited downloads and other benefits.  

It obeys what you say.

On clicking create music, you will provide the parameters for this AI technology and start working on it to make the music you prefer.

Search music

Unlike stock audio, it uses artificial intelligence to search for audio that perfectly matches your videos from its vast database.

Instead of spending hours finding what music suits your content, you can create the best one in a few seconds with SoundDraw.


Once you start making songs, they are all yours; no matter how popular your music gets SounDraw will not demand more bonuses.

Moreover, even after canceling your subscription, you can keep the license of the songs created using this ai music tool.

Benefits of using an AI music generator

You might have a lot of concerns about artificial intelligence use in music if you are reluctant to use the above tools to generate music.

Then you must look at its benefits, which will force you to start a creative music career if you were not starting with these fantastic ai music tools.

  • Enhance the productivity of musicians.
  • It gives composers innovative ideas to create new music.
  • Protect from copyright strikes.
  • It avoids releasing songs sounding similar.
  • Generate variations and sound effects in seconds.
  • Produce new songs or edit already present songs.
  • Create background music for video content.
  • Add instruments and adjust the length.
  • Earn after uploading on multiple streaming platforms.

Most importantly, the cutting-edge technology these tools use to provide all these benefits to their users will give new ideas and direction to make different kinds of music and songs from usual.


All your music-making wishes can come true with these 5 ai music generators. Soundful, Boomy, and AIVA can help you compose, produce and create songs


Musicians can create creative music, composers can produce great music, and lyricists can write beautiful lyrics. And you especially can succeed in becoming a successful musician with AI music-generating tools.

In addition, to fulfill all your music-related fantasies, we revealed the above five best music software based on artificial intelligence technology, such as AIVA, Boomy, SoundDraw, Ecrett Music, and Soundful. All these tools have free and paid plans to benefit your creative music journey. You can more find out similar tools go on reverse image home page and add your query in text.

Moreover, all these tools let you choose whether you want to start making music from scratch or like to edit music files to give a different touch and impact.

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