5 Best AI Writing Tools & Apps To Polish Up Your Content

July 18, 2023
5 Best AI Writing Tools & Apps To Polish Up Your Content

Lately, thousands of AI tools have appeared or popped up in front of your screen, making it difficult for you to decide whether it is another part of the pile or have something to bring to the table.

But you need not worry, as we have got your concern and have brought 5 best AI writing tools & apps after searching a thousand others.

So without waiting, let’s start revealing our magic tools to enhance your productivity and efficiency in writing.


Here are 5 Best AI Writing Tools that you can use for your research, and content creation for the Shopify store, social media, and search engine.

1- INK

Ink Is a multiple tool providing platform based on robotics. Its writer tool can write long and short-form documents for you, including essays, blogs, and articles.

In addition to the above, after understanding your audience type, you will try to create content that will most likely capture people’s attention. It will adjust the text style, tone, and readability itself.

Writing a pure joy

INK claims to use the power of almost 150 AI models when you command this tool to write for you.

Rank higher

You can add your specific keyword in the bar. And INK will start writing after analyzing your competitor’s content to write differently and better than them.

Strong tag lines

It is intelligent enough to write and suggest strong and eye-catching headlines for your topic once you provide it with specific keywords and press compose.

Customize your content

You can write step by step through its paragraph tool. For example, you can instruct it to write an introduction, conclusion, and content body step by step.


2- Any word

Anyword is a natural language-based model designed to write the best quality content for you. It helps you create an advertisement, including Google and Facebook ads.

Moreover, you can use this platform for multiple purposes, including content creation, marketing, and product description.

Don’t you consider these benefits enough to start using this platform for writing?

If not, then look at some more amazing benefits of this.

Email Writing

It will write powerful and action-provoking marketing emails for you to engage customers and boost sales.

Meta Generator

It can write eye-catching meta descriptions for your SEO content to get more people to click on your article.

Blog magician

It writes blogs in a way that It is difficult for you to decide whether it got created by a human or a tool. Moreover, the writing material will be SEO optimized and free from plagiarism.

Know your audience

Anyword is a software that merges machine learning with artificial intelligence to understand your audience, goals, and your brand in a better way.

3- Scalenut

Imagine saving more than 50% of the time spent planning, researching, writing, publishing, and optimizing your content in search engine optimization.

You are familiar with the importance of search engine optimization for your online work. And you also know SEO is a time taking technique to step up your content-creating game, so why would you not like someone better than you to do all this for you?

Scalenut is the answer to deal with your never-ending SEO challenges. It is a modern solution for optimization and marketing content for modern businesses.

Here are some key features of this tool that will tell you how amazing it will be to use this.

Keyword planner

It will help you unlock secret words people are typing to solve their queries on the search engine, like a fortune teller.

Human-like blogs

You can write blogs and other articles on whatever topic you want to write to resonate with your reader’s mind and thoughts.


It can optimize your new and already written content easily to help you increase the visibility of your websites.

SERP analyzer

This platform provides all analytics for SEO. From this, you can monitor and watch the SEO score of your copy and how well your content can or will run on search engine result pages.


4- NeuralText

This software is best for users who believe smart work is better than hard work. The smartness of this AI tool can reduce your searching, writing, and creating time by almost 90%.

Smart Research

Whenever you decide to write something, you need to know more about the topic you do search on the internet. We know it is tiring and time taking, but not in the case of Neuraltext, as this tool claims to do a search and write on it in seconds.

Keyword planning

it will speed up the process of searching keywords and will suggest you choose specific keywords only that can increase your chance to get rank higher on result pages.

SEO friendly content

It will help you write brief content on completing an organic search through their AI robots. It will optimize your written content and evaluate its performance on the search engine.

5- Jasper

The one feature that makes it stand out among others is its brand voice option that analyzes your voice before starting to write.

It does not matter if you have an experience in something or not to write on it because Jasper will help you write like it shows you are an expert on it to others.


Its AI templates are easy to use and handle. You don’t need hard effort in creating videos to guide people because Jesper can write courses for you in your voice.

Hire AI Assistant

Jasper comes with a google chrome extension tool means you can add it as a browse extension to take it for help anywhere you want on the internet.

Brand voice feature

It allows you to create and write content and communicate with you in whatever tone you like, including cheeky, formal, and bold.


Above, we have discussed the 5 best AI tools & apps that help you write whatever you want to increase productivity, quality, and efficiency. If you are looking for more tools you can use reverse image search to find more AI content tools. All tools and apps can aid you in writing with their distinctive features, including blog writing, keyword searching, SEO optimization, and ranking analyzers.

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