7 Best AI Voice Generators: Your Ultimate Voice Wizards

August 21, 2023
AI Voice Generators

Are you looking for the best among the pile of AI voice generators on the Internet?

Look no further as we will unveil the 7 best AI voice makers that can make voice sound exactly like humans, natural and realistic.  

Lovo, Synthesys, Murf, Altered showcase the power of AI voice generators that are pushing the boundaries in cloning and generating realistic human-like voices.

If you keep reading, you will get to know more about voice cloning and many other things, like,

  • How to make an ai voice?
  • How can you use voice generators for text-to-speech?
  • Which are the seven best ai voice platforms for you?
  • What’s the benefit of using ai voice changers?

How To Make AI Voice?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way and now needs no further explanation of what it can do or not.

You need to sit on the edge of your seat and wait for the next technological wonders it does for you.

And yes, ai voice maker is one of the wonders I am talking about now; this cutting-edge technology enables you to generate voices that sound exactly like humans. 

To make AI voice, you must find the best and most reliable ai voice generator platform, app, or software. 

You will upload the file and select the option for whose and what kind of voice you want to generate and let AI do the magic for the rest.

Which Are The 7 Best Ai Voice Generators?

Let us make things easy for you and provide the seven best and most realistic ai voice-making platforms you can use to generate ai voices.   


The first on the list is Lovo, a realistic ai voice maker and text-to-speech generator. It lets you experience the full power of ai voice, where you can give human-like voices to your videos and written content.

It will be hard to differentiate and believe the voice it generates is of a human or an AI robot. It is an excellent, budget-friendly tool that helps scale up voiceover content ten times faster and cheaper.

Video Editor

It is a feature designed to facilitate users, especially in which the video editor option gives a dashboard where users can record all of their activities.

It lets you control everything from one dashboard and keep media files on it to create and generate content. 

Genny Voiceover

Lovo has recently launched a tool named ‘Genny’ powered by artificial intelligence to create high-quality voiceover content for every kind of video, including video games, documentaries, e-marketing, and many more.

You can select the voiceover option on the Lovo interface to upload your script file and adjust the timing.

And let Genny do the work for you to create a realistic and emotional human-like voice for your script, which can get edited after with its advanced features.

Text to Speech

You can give life to your written content as it claims to provide over 400 voice styles and generate more than 25 emotions, such as crying, rude, shouting, etc.

It gives you the authority to control the pitch, emphasis on words, loudness, speed, and pauses of the voice it produces. 

Moreover, it lets you create content in hundred languages to help you reach and communicate with global audiences. 


It lets you experience all its features for 14 days, after which you need to subscribe to premium plans to continue.

2- Synthesys

The second on the list, among other best ai voice makers, is a vast database containing the voices of multiple people that get used for reading scripts and text for voiceover.

Many people claim they can tell the difference between an automated and human voice until synthesis.

Library of Voices

It is easy and fun to use as it contains many male and female voices, tones, sounds, and languages.

It is easy to use them because you will select a character or professional voice from the library and choose a style, tone, and other voice traits.

Then it will require you to write or type your text on the interface by adjusting speed and other settings. Click the ‘Create button,’ and it will start generating voices for your written content.

Clone Your Voice

Get rid of hiring voice assistants and operators for your brand’s customer support. Moreover, it saves time and money, allowing you to clone your voice for marketing and customer support.

Use your voice to make dynamic and unique audio to spread your video or audio content among the audience and customers.

Voiceover Editor

It has an edit voiceover option feature by which you can simultaneously upload as many scripts as you like to generate a narration from them. 

Furthermore, you can select the voice of artists and people you like to read these scripts. It also allows you to use different narrators to do the voiceover for a written script or video and merge it. 


It would help if you spent credits to use it, for which you first need to subscribe to their paid plans. It also gives seven days money-back guarantee if you dont find it helpful. 

3- Murf

Murf is an excellent choice for voiceover presentations and videos. It offers natural sound voices in almost 20 languages that are available for quality testing before use.

Start using this platform and free yourself from buying heavy voice recording equipment and hiring voice artists.

Customize Clones

Record a single voice and make a voice clone to help you narrate multiple scripts or voiceover content of different kinds.

You can modify your script at any time and generate a voiceover with the exact clone to match the changes done in the writing.

Voice Changer

You can convert your shaky, shrieking, extra loud voices into professional and communicative recordings using the voice changer feature of this platform.

In addition to this, you can also remove and edit interruptions, unwanted noise, or errors happening around you while recording your voice.

It provides you with over 120 AI voices to choose from to put and edit in your recorded voice.

Create Voice For Presentations

With Murf, you can now do ai voiceovers for presentations to make them appear more appealing and engaging.

It allows you to edit and write voiceovers for slides while making a presentation on google slides. You can adjust narration, tone, and voice delivery according to the audience and purpose you are presenting for.

Moreover, it automatically syncs the voice speed and time with the slides moving and appearing for the time on the screen.


Have multiple monthly and annual payment methods and free plans but limited access to its features.

4- Altered

Altered is a voice content creation platform that integrates ai technology into an app, because of which you can run it online and on Mac and Windows devices. 

Its AI technology enables you to create a studio-quality voice while sitting in the comfort of your home. It changes the voice you recorded through your device’s microphone into a high-quality AI voice. 

Remove Filler Words

Filler words are part of our natural speaking way, such as ‘um’ and ‘uh,’ which are not considered suitable for creating educational and presentation videos.

The edit voice feature of Altered help us to remove, change or trim these unwanted filler words before generating an AI voice.  

Record Online

Altered Studio is an online app with an extensive ai tool kit for recording voices to enhance productivity and creativity.

Moreover, its ai technology specializes in translating and transcribing voices in many languages on the internet browsing page.

Advance Edit Options

It gives more advanced features to edit voice than other ai voice generators. It allows audio mixing, crossfading, multi-track audio editing, accurate transcription, and automatically adjusts loudness. 

Moreover, it integrates with Google derive, and you can export and import it in various formats after recording directly from the browser through the microphone.


Only limited features for editing voice are available, and others require a payment plan subscription to continue.

5- Listnr

Listnr is next on the list of best ai voice generators because it adjusts itself according to its user’s routine and preferences.

You can create voiceovers for youtube videos, audiobooks, and blog posts. Its ai tool kit can convert blog posts into more than 140 languages and dialects.   


It lets you distribute and broadcast your audio content on multiple streaming platforms, including Apple and Spotify podcasts.

Moreover, you can monetize your content through advertising for commercial and freelancing purposes.

Create Podcast

Podcasting is in trend right now, and you can earn a lot of money by creating high-quality, engaging podcasts for your viewers.

Its AI podcast tool allows you to create and publish podcasts by submitting text or blog links to its speech converter. It generates audio using Listnr speech engines, making it ready to post on the Internet.

Customize Audio Player

One of the magical features of this platform is that you can customize and create your audio player widget.


Free and paid, both plans are present to experience these highly different ai audio-creating features.

6- PlaybHT

PlayHit is an excellent option for the generation of AI voice content and gets preferred by many critics on the Internet because of its multiple features.

You can convert your writing content into natural vices and download it in multiple formats. Furthermore, it is suitable to generate audio for e-learning and training, TikTok, youtube, and audio response systems.

AI Celebrity Voice Generator

You can clone any celebrity voice to narrate whatever script you want them to read. To use it, you only have to capture and upload the voice file of the famous actors and click voice cloning.

It will start generating speech in your fave celeb voice. Moreover, narrating a story with characters will allow you to use talented individuals’ famous and beautiful voices.

Premium Voices

There are over 800 ai voices with more than 130 languages available to select to produce audio content and voiceover for your videos.

Moreover, with this stacked amount of ai voices, you can further edit them to manage tone, loudness, pitch, and style according to your requirements.

Audio Widgets

PlayHt allows you to embed its customizable audio widgets on your websites, making your blogs more engaging and easy to access for viewers.


Paid plans are available, which you can subscribe to and cancel anytime if you find this platform is not for your use anymore.

7- Respeecher

It is an ai voice cloning platform that generates voices that are hard to differentiate from the original speaker. 

It uses the most advanced technology and has hosted and completed several voice projects for films and advertising franchises. This platform helps patients with voice and speech disabilities to get recovered.

 Do Advertising

You can clone voices for commercial and digital ads to target specific audiences. For example, making commercial ads with children is always a challenging task.

With this platform, you can convert and record the voices of adults into children to complete your advertising projects.

Moreover, the other mindblowing thing this app can do for your historical projects is add the voices of people who have passed.

Start generating voices for voiceovers, podcasting, video games, dubbing films and tv, and animation with these perfect ai voice generators, like PlayHT.

Films and TV Projects

Respeecher enables you to do voice editing, generating, and cloning for high-quality movies, video games, and television show projects.

If you need to save time and money on hiring actors for dubbing and desire to reach wider audiences dont worry; Respeecher has all covered for you.


To spread your audio projects among local and global societies, you must do voiceover in multiple languages, which is time-consuming and expensive. 

Using this ai voice changer, you can localize and do dubbing for your videos and shows in multiple languages and dialects. 

Moreover, the voices edit and made through this ai voice generator that sounds human and exhibits emotions and adaptability like us.


It has options for users wanting to access its functioning with its three days free trial and paid plans for people wanting to continue using its features.

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