9 Best ETL Tools for Make Data Juggling Simple

August 28, 2023
ETL tools

Organizations relying on information management have unique data needs; these needs are evolving and growing with time.

As data have become more critical to you, it is getting complex, riskier, and challenging to extract, transform, and load data simultaneously.

Now it is more diverse, dynamic, and distributed, which leads to errors, duplications, and inconsistencies in collecting and controlling data.

So, building a quality data foundation requires implementing automated techniques to support ETL data processes. 

Dive into the world of ETL tools and software that can turn raw data into gold through efficient data integration, data mining, and analytics.

What is Meant by ETL Tools

What is Meant by ETL Tools?

In Data management, ETL means extracting information or data from multiple sources, then transferring it into quality format and, in the end, loading formatted information into databases or data warehouses for quality data analysis and reporting.

And with technological advancement, developers have developed various software to support all the ETL processes, including extracting, transforming, and loading to store data under a single quality platform.

What are the Benefits of ETL Tools?

Companies relying on data warehousing know the importance of quality data management in quick time to make well-informed decisions for the company’s growth and stability.   

Manual methods for ETL data processing have always been time-consuming and full of blunders with below-average value outcomes.

Considering these concerns, data architectures have evolved information management techniques by developing ETL software and tools, providing the following benefits. 

  • Automates the process of filtering, sorting, and merging data.
  • It prevents data leakage keeping privacy concerns in mind. 
  • Removes manual methods to read, process, and migrate large amounts of data.
  • Users can make well informed decisions in less time.
  • Get faster and easier results than traditional or hand-coded data.
  • Easy to analyze, interpret and convert data into business intelligence.
  • It collects data under a single platform making it easy for users to access data.
  • It reduces inaccuracies, duplications, gaps, and errors in data.

However, to get all these benefits, you must know the best ETL software and tools to maximize the advantages of using the latest data handling techniques. 

9 Best ETL Tools For You

In data maintenance, so many elements need to converge to create a database for expected or positive outcomes, like

  • What data to look at and when?
  • How to put all the data together 
  • And then how to communicate it with people?

Remembering these points, you must use automated tools to develop and improve your data managing strategies.   

So, let’s explore the 10 best ETL process-based tools & software following to help you find the best one according to your requirements.

1- Integrate.io

Integrate is an excellent open-source data integration platform that makes collecting data from numerous sources into a single database simple and easy.

It empowers your team, enhances productivity, saves total cost, and reduces time in managing data by bringing automation through this platform with its easy to use and understand Interface.

In addition to this, no matter how bigger is all data you are collecting from numerous sources, Integrate.io software requires no coding skills to pipeline all the information for your entire data journey. 


  • Easy to use Interface: its powerful drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily make and convert all data.
  • Unify Data: You can collect and unify data under a single platform within 60 seconds for analysis and reporting purposes. 
  • API Automation: It allows you to automate the encryption and decryption of data with its encryption key.
  • Monitoring: it provides an alert notification system to reduce the chances of errors and maintain the quality of all the information. 
  • Integration: Bring data from over 200 different data sources and destinations, including Salesforce and Heroku

2- Talend

Build a great data foundation in your organization with modern data managing techniques through the Talend, an award winning  ETL tools. 

Its partnership with top technology providers, including Snowflake, AWS, and Microsoft Azure, help you achieve your desired business outcomes. 

Furthermore, you can get a free trial to check its functionality and pay to manage any amount of data by selecting Talend’s different payment plans with distinctive features.

What can you get from it?

  • Cloud independent: It can work anywhere seamlessly for any data purposes, irrespective of the cloud operating system. 
  • Customize: it is a flexible platform that allows you to switch between multiple cloud providers and supports a variety of deployment architectures. 
  • Data Integration: It supports all virtual data integrations, including ELT, ETL, and ETLT
  • Data Analytics: Get all insights for improved decision making and experience by enabling analytic features.
  • Data governance: do automated data quality checks, clean and filter data, and make it accessible to increase its trustworthiness. 

3- IBM DataStage

IBM DataStage tool is an excellent choice for managing industrial data that help users design and develop jobs that move and convert data based on extract, transform, and load patterns.

It intelligently designs and distributes data across a broad landscape to prepare readily available data for consumer use.

IBM software manages and executes data workload 30% times faster than typical and traditional information storing and moving ways in industries.

Moreover, it provides multiple pricing plans for automated ETL tools processes with different access to its features. 

What benefits can you get?

  • Governance capabilities: Share, Store, and move quality and trustable data through IBM Cloud Pak.
  • Connectivity: It allows you to transfer data between multiple cloud sources and data warehouses, reducing movement costs.
  • Client-server design: Dataflow designer features on this web-based software eliminate the need to purchase clients with a user-friendly interface for job design.
  • Workload Balancing: data architecting allows handling data volume in any environment with parallel pipelining workload management. 
  • AI services: collaborating with artificial intelligence provides detailed analysis and management, including data science, virtualization, and warehousing.

4- Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator is an efficient data integration tool to streamline information and data flow across organizations.

It is one of the most straightforward data integration solutions to develop a quality management system developed by Oracle that offers graphical administration of data integration processes.

What benefits does it provide users?

  • Parallel engine: It allows parallel task execution to extract and integrate excessive data in real time.  
  • Oracle integration: Helps organizations operate on Oracle systems. You can easily collaborate with all its other product making it simple and easy to manage all tasks through a single solution.
  • Quality: It offers data clarity and profiling by applying the ELT phase process to load quality information in data warehousing.
  • Flexibility: it is available for integration in various scenarios as it supports numerous applications, apps, and formats. 

5- Fivetran

Fivetran is one of the most competent software that automatically changes its setup according to your requirement for maintaining data. It can pull the latest data from the database within minutes.

It centralizes all the information to apply advanced analytics and provides deep data insights to businesses for better decision making. 

Moreover, data engineers can focus on the other core activities as it automates the most time-consuming parts and allows easy in and out movement of data across cloud based platforms.


  • SaaS integration: It allows custom integration and helps you connect with more than 90 Saas sources.
  • Data security service: Prevent data leakage at any cost by deploying Fivetran in virtual networks and setting strict security measures.
  • Connection: have over 300 pre-built no-code connectors to move data toward the target destination
  • Data replications: It allows high-volume data replication from an on-premise database in the pipeline into other integrated data warehouses, such as Snowflakes.
  • Data Movement: Having everything in one place increases efficiency in helping to report between different resources. It enables you to facilitate data movements from one place to another.

6- Stitch

Stitch is an ETL tools developed by developers of Talend for rapid data replication and passing data in automated ways.

This tool is best for small scale organizations and businesses focusing on competitive databases instead of developing data pipelines.

Moreover, you can access this software for free but with limited features, so for a better experience, you must sign up for its paid plans.

What Benefits can You get?

  • Stitch UI: It automatically configures which and what data should be replicated or not
  • Data ingestion: Easily adds data from over 100 data sources with pre builtin connectors under a single click. 
  • Supports: it supports leading data warehouse destinations, including Google, Amazon, and Redshift.
  • Analytic application: Stitch has a critical analytical application and security features to prepare a quality database.

7- Informatica

An ETL tools data integration tool powered with artificial intelligence brings data automation to organizations for improved decision making and strategies. 

It can integrate data from multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure setups in batch or real-time. Moreover, experts recommend it to develop data pipelines between business and IT companies.

It delivers consistent, trusted, and governed data with its flexible pricing plan allowing you to estimate your usage and plan. 

What benefits do you get?

  • Eliminates Issues: It supports data masking and virtualization to address data quality issues 
  • Supporting Tools: It collaborates with many other tools, like BigData, MDM, and IDQ, to analyze and correct data for reporting.
  • Data migration: Helps create a rule-based workflow and migrate any amount of data from an old database system to a new infrastructure.
  • No & low coding: no need for coding because of its artificial intelligence feature and deep machine learning.

8- SAS Data Management

SAS is one of the leading integration technology in the industrial sector that got designed to connect and collect data from various recourse kike, the cloud, data lakes, and legacy systems like Hadoop.

You can improve, integrate and govern your data with ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and ELT ( Extract, Load, and Transform) data processes based on simply creating, joining, inserting, and merging data.

Moreover, the SAS data automation system ETL tools provides enhanced monitoring and performance reporting with trending information.

Benefits for you.

  • Workflow management: provides efficient workflow management, allowing end-to-end integration and transformation. 
  • Seamless technology: its excellent data visualization, operational use, and analytical tools make your working experience with SAS seamless.
  • Data Fabrics: SAS can work and operate across various computing environments, databases, and file systems with any data.
  • Manage Metadata: It allows you to store and manage technical, administrative, and business metadata and help you reuse existing tables, definition,s, and other rules.
  • Event designers: let you build, edit and manage data processes with an end-to-end event designer.

9- Pintaho

It is an ETL tools data platform famous for data mining, analytics, reporting, and integration under Hitachi Vantara.

It is mainly designed to extract valuable information from organizations’ data insights to make well-informed decisions and future strategies. 

You can use it for free as it is an open-source platfrom, and you can select a paid enterprise plan to utilize its features thoroughly. 

What benefits can you get from it?

  • Predictive Power: Using this tool, you can identify patterns, trends, and relationships in data and gain valuable insights. 
  • Secure Data: It ensures data quality through lineage tracking and security and maintains data integrity. 
  • Access Community: an online active users community is available to assist and support you if you subscribe to the enterprise plan of Pintaho software. 
  • Easy to Operate: User friendly interface and drag and drop function are suitable for various business analysts or data scientists.
  • Flexible: you can customize it easily through plugins and APIs, which allows you to operate the software to your organization’s requirements and needs.

Elevate your data insights with the magic of ETL tools. Streamline data workflow and supercharge your data analytics handling vast databases.

Remember, all these features of ETL tools and software can change, improve, and get modified over time, so always visit relevant tool websites before selecting and implementing the most suitable one to get complete updated information and confirmation.

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