9 Best AI Crypto Trading Bots With Buy Low and Sell High

August 7, 2023
Best AI Crypto Trading Bots

Best AI Crypto Trading Bots: Crypto lovers know how accurate monitoring and analysis of the crypto market trend are necessary to invest in the correct coins for maximum benefits.

On the other hand, losing money has always been a common consequence of trading. After all, humans are not prone to make blunders by investing in the wrong strategies.

But have you ever wondered that all these blunders can get avoided if someone better than you start managing crypto for you?

And at this moment, someone better than you is artificial intelligence tools and bots who are faster, more accurate, and more efficient than you.

Moreover, the most crucial thing about artificial intelligence is its prediction ability which can make better investing decisions in crypto for you.

If you start making up your mind about ai trading, then let’s dig it more for you to understand the basics.

AI crypto trading bots spot complex market patterns better than humans and let users execute powerful market strategies for maximum benefit.

What is an Best AI Crypto Trading Bots?

It is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to monitor, manage, and manage your cryptocurrency trading.

AI crypto is still developing and shaping up to be the biggest crypto market shortly, so it is the right time for you to learn about it.

Why do We Need It?

The crypto market is very volatile and can fluctuate anytime, so it is better to use technological tools or someone better than you to 

  • Automate the trading process and become a better trader.
  • Track your digital currency investments in simple and quick ways.
  • Analyse and monitor anytime and anywhere.
  • Invest in the correct currencies or coins.
  • Get maximum benefits with optimized strategies.
  • Do better management than humans.
  • Get in touch with experienced traders.

9 Best Crypto Trading Bots For Crypto Lovers

Crypto is already a complicated process that takes work to understand, and finding the best solution is a lot harder than the first one.

Even if you have not gained prior knowledge and skills to understand this profound world of cryptocurrencies but wish to get fruitful results, we will help you. 

Please take a deep breath and continue reading as we unveil the best 9 online trading bots platforms powered by artificial intelligence technology. 

1- Kryll

The first in the list of best ones is Kryll, a simple online crypto trading builder and marketplace. Its marketplace allows you to build your custom trading bot.

You dont have to be skilled in crypto to use it; it is the best for beginners starting their online ai trading in crypto.

Traders that need new ideas and strategies to implement can get expertise from the best traders when they join the online marketplace of Kryll.

What Can You Get from It?

  • It saves you time and monitors the digital currency marketplace 24 hours daily.
  • It is effortless to help you track your investment.
  • Its state of art security system keeps your crypto wallet safe.
  • You can build and customize trading bots without any coding experience.
  • It integrates with Tradingview for technical trade analysis and market trends.
  • It shows advanced trading indicators, including RSI, super trends, Moving averages, and Bollinger band, to help optimize trading strategies.
  • It provides risk management for multiple take profits, exits at the break, and trailing shops.

What are the Charges?

The pricing method for this online trading platform is straightforward; you will pay only when you use it for trading, and it also offers you a free trial before starting with ai crypto.

2- Pionex

Include this ai trading bot platform in the list of best ones because it follows the most beneficial formula of ”Buy low and sell high” for you.

It has multiple built-in robots performing particular trading functions for smooth cryptocurrency exchange using artificial intelligence. 

Moreover, new users can claim gifts worth significant amounts, and traders can receive bonus funds and unrestricted access to all features.

What Does It Do for You?

  • It has its pionexGPT and collaborates with chatGPT to help traders and retailer plan their investing strategies without having prior knowledge.
  • Free access to its 16 different functions performing ai trading bots
  • It can be operated through desktop devices and mobile phones effectively.
  • Provides customers support through live chats, emails, and FAQs.
  • One of its bots, the rebalancing bot, can help you retain and manage multiple coins you are confident in to get maximum profit.
  • The mobile app of this platform easily lets you trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin securely.
  • It requires no deposits to use its trading bots and charges only 0.05% as trading fees while exchanging coins or tokens.

What do Pionex Charges?

This ai trading platform is a famous market platform with meager trading fees compared to other ai crypto places.

3- Mizar

If you are tired of staring at the screen to monitor market trends and performance, you must start using the Mizar ai trading platform and let it optimize your trading activities.

It provides copy trading by which you invest in the same digital currencies and implement the same strategies as pioneer and experienced traders. Moreover, your profits get shared when you earn from copy-pasting others’ trading techniques.

What Benefits it Provides?

  • You can learn and earn income simultaneously by renting your successful trading strategies to other users.
  • Learn and overview the latest market trends with TradingView and Mizar Developer SDK.
  • It allows paper trading, where you can test your buying and selling strategies using pseudo money.
  • DCA bot ensures efficient use of your money by buying and selling after intervals with preset frames.
  • It has advanced features, including multiple take profits, stop loss, and trailing, adding a layer to risk management.

What Cost is Required?

Anyone can join this platform as it requires no monthly subscription and allows free access to all its features. Furthermore, you can start trading after paying as little as 10$ for it. 

4- Cryptohopper

Next in the pipeline of the best ai crypto trading platforms is Crytpohopper, which easily automates your digital currency trading process.

It gives you different modes to select according to your level of expertise in ai crypto to get started and prepare coin exchange plans accordingly.

Furthermore, it will let you prepare and implement strategies based on your past performances in trading on this platform.

What Features Does It Have?

  • Advanced crypto bots are present to handle and manage trading transactions for you after adjusting pre-selected parameters. 
  • It allows social trading that is in trend now by which users can check out what other traders are investing in.
  • Trailing features keep you updated with the price movements by selling as buying at the right moment, saving you from losses.
  •  Using AI technology lets you use trading bots for paper and copy trading.
  • Short selling bot tracks the currencies that showed a sharp decline to help you compensate for losses by repurchasing them on seeing signs of recovers. 
  • Allows you to customize actions like when to buy and sell to respond to early signs of a bear market.

What Does It Cost?

Unlike other online trading platforms, it does not charge trading fees for every trade but requires monthly subscription fees to continue using its features.

5- Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an automated, artificial intelligence-empowered trading platform supporting over 15 digital currency exchanges.

It supports over 25 crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, etc. However, you will get portfolio management, a free demo, and multiple trading bots all in one place.

What Benefit Do You Get from It?

  • The system ensures you dont miss the profits by closely monitoring and closing your trades. immediately when their prices fall.   
  • Provides over 100 trading indicators and 50 innovative tools to evaluate and check TradingView.
  • Opt for demo mode and practice strategies before switching to live trading to sharpen your trading and crypto-exchanging skills.
  • Its future trading bot allows users to trade funds larger than their investment and get maximum profit in return.
  • DCA and GRID trading bots of Bitsgap help users automatically buy and sell at preset criteria and times.

What Does It Require?

6- TradeSanta

Bitsgap allows you 7 days free trial to check its functionality by signing up for a demo account. You can choose from three plans, including Basic, Advance, and Pro, to continue using its ai trading bots.

Another excellent AI trading platform is Tradesanta which helps users mediate fluctuations in the crypto market with powerful algorithmic strategies.

Once you connect your exchange account with API keys, you can create your crypto bot and manage all portfolios under its free trading terminal.


  • Tradesanta mobile app lets you monitor trading all time and anywhere.
  • You can check the trading bot performances of other users and do copy trading of the most successful ones.
  • It lets you create trading bots that work in spot and future markets.
  • Tradsanta allows you to test your trading idea without investing funds.
  • The trailing bot will manage your exchange deals and close them immediately at the right time.
  • You can customize your crypto bot or use already available templates to launch a trading bot in under 5 minutes.
  • Provides an advantage in bull and bear markets using short and long trading bots.

What Are the Charges?

No credit card requires to start a free trial. Then multiple monthly and yearly plans are available to move forward with Tradesanta.

7- CryptoHero

Several trading functions provide platforms that polish up your trading skills through backtesting before entering the live trading market.

Cryptohero platform long and short-term strategies for digital currency exchange provide quicker positive results and more benefits in the long run.

 What It Has in Its Bag for Ai Traders?

  • You can set entry and exit conditions using long and short strategies.
  • Paper trading lets you experiment with your plan in an accessible manner. 
  • Backtest allows you to test the performance of your crypto trading bot.
  • You can rent your bots to other users and get a chance to earn extra profit.
  • Its trading terminal lets users quickly switch between their multiple exchange accounts.
  • Arbitrage strategies can be made in under a minute to take advantage of price differences across markets.


You can continue using the free basic plan. Still, with limited features, and if you find it useful for trading, you must pay for premium and professional programs to get better benefits.

8- HaasOnline

For an emotionless and seamless trading experience, there is no better platform than HaasOnline, one of the oldest crypto trading platforms.

Haasonline robust clouding services give you complete control over trading activities with its advanced crypto scripting language and quality exchange integration.


  • The customizable dashboard feature lets you keep those indicators that matter the most in front of your eyes.
  • No trade fees and unlimited trade activities with zero restrictions.
  • It claims to be neutral with its exchange partners, meaning you will see unbiased performance in trading.
  • You can design your scrips with its historical market using the Haasscript editor feature.
  • Its portfolio management lets you monitor asset value over time, per account, and percent of change.

Pricing plans

It provides different plans with different features to help you find the one that fits your trading styles.

9- Gunbot Shop

The ultimate ai crypto trading bot to automate your trading activities and provide you with a source of passive income is the Gunbot Shop platform.

It is a well-known cryptocurrency trading software that supports over 100 different exchanges, including Bitmex, Huobi, Binance, kukoin, and many more.

What benefits it gives users?

  • It can carry out compelling trading strategies, for example, Spotgrid Advanced, Stepgrid Hybrid, Bollinger Bands, Emaspread, ADX, and many more.
  • Easy to use and handle interface that lets you watch every essential indicator and balanced coin.
  • Excellent user community support, including Telegram and WhatsApp groups.
  • It provides and provides more than 20 ways to execute an order and lets you combine any of them to create powerful trading strategies.

Automate your buying and selling cryptocurrencies through best ai crypto trading bots that let you invest minimum funds and get maximum profit in return.


No free trial is present to test its functionality, and you must buy and subscribe to its paid plans to enjoy the benefits of live trading.

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