9 Best AI Marketing Tools to Become A king Marketer

August 29, 2023
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In a world where marketing ways and methods are rapidly evolving, one thing remains the same: innovation’s power.

Enter Artificial Intelligence, the game-changer that’s rewriting the rules of marketing.

For a second, think about having a marketing assistant that predicts customer behavior, automates repetitive tasks, and prepares strategies for maximum impact and benefits – that’s where AI marketing tools come into play.

Join us on a digital journey where AI technology meets creativity and where the future of marketing unfolds before your eyes.

leverage the power of artificial intelligence to increase sales, impressions, page visits, and search engine rankings with best ai marketing tools.

9 Best AI Marketing Tools to Step Up Digital Campaigns

Several good marketing tools powered by artificial intelligence are available in the market, but why stop on only good? And why waste time checking all of them individually one by one?

We have explored a hundred for you to guide you about the best 9 marketing tools in this dynamic era that are helpful for your business promotion, sales, and, most importantly, online digital marketing.

1- Jasper

Don’t worry if your boss asks you to show the blog posts you have yet to complete and need inspiration to write content for them. 

Jasper is here to help you write whatever you want for your blog posts to lessen the burden and boss pressure.  

You may have known Jasper as one of the best AI writing assistants as it can write over 15000 in almost 15 minutes on getting a few seed words from the users. 

Moreover, you can adjust the tone and style of the written content according to your requirement, which perfectly matches how a human writes.

Now let’s explore and learn more about Jasper and see how you can use it for online marketing.

  • To increase sales, you can write communicative product descriptions, ad content, and sales copy. 
  • Jasper can help you put down words for landing pages, web pages, and captions for social media posts. 
  • It can write optimized and SEO-based content on asking, which will help your content rank higher on the search engine.
  • You can write blog posts faster and quicker in a tone that perfectly matches your targeted audience.

2- Semrush

Do you need more ideas for your online marketing campaigns and wish to prepare the best strategies for your following promotional plans?

If yes, then you are on the right page to learn and read about a fantastic ai marketing tool called Semrush. It is a digital platfrom with over 55 tools to help you solve your marketing challenges.

Smerush provides various digital marketing options, including paid marketing, PPC, keyword searching and planning, SEO, social media management, and more.

To get all these online advertising benefits for your business or organization, subscribe to one of their three pricing plans with distinctive features and benefits.

Let’s dig in more to find out how Semrush helps strategize marketing campaigns.

  • Semrush understands the broad reach of social media platforms and helps you increase brand awareness through its social and influencer analytic tools.
  • It gives you a market analysis to observe your competitors and design a better strategy to stay ahead.
  • Use its On page SEO and local SEO tools to boost your online performance on search engines and bring more local customers to your websites.
  • Bloggers, affiliates, and ad publishers can create and distribute their content after searching trending topics, posters, and the marketplace to engage more with the audience and generate sales.

3- Anyword

Anyword is an ai marketing tool for marketers looking to write content that can generate sales. It writes content that matches the aesthetic of your brand and business.

To help you achieve your marketing goals, it is trained on millions of marketing data points to generate ad copies and perform analytic and predictive scores.

Moreover, leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate, score, and rank marketing content to improve performance across all channels for better business impacts.

Anyword gives you multiple pricing options, including Starter, Data-driven teams, and Business plans to choose the right plan with monthly and annual billing payments.

Why not learn more about how it can help marketers in digital marketing?

  • Through its predictive analytics, marketers can use it as a suggestion tool to write content on whichever platform they are working on.
  • Anyword helps marketers generate long-form content copies, youtube descriptions, emails, and landing pages.
  • Moreover, it integrates with Chatgpt, Nova, Notion, and Canva to boost your online store and improve sales copy to generate more leads.
  • It creates brand messages keeping all the business rules in mind and adjusts the tone of voice and styles according to the targeted audiences.

4- Scalenut

Marketers searching for an assistant to boost their SEO efforts and help write content will find Scalenut helpful.

It is an ai marketing tool for SEO strategists, content creators, digital agencies, and business executives to plan, build, search, create, and optimize topics.

You will get ideas, recommendations, robust plans, topic clusters, and all the insights to write content that can have a marketing impact powered by artificial intelligence.

Scalenut gives you both monthly and annually flexible payment plans to let you make marketing content that can go viral.

Reading more about its marketing centric features would be great to achieve your marketing goals. 

  • The NLP (natural language processing feature) of Scalenut will help you make and write content with a better readability score and human-like content that can derive organic traffic.
  • Marketers can write over 1500 words for blogs, emails, articles, and ebooks within 5 minutes using its cruise mode feature.
  • No need to waste already published content as it can optimize and keep updated the existing content with the latest search.
  • Become an expert in your niche using its cluster reports telling trending topics, questions, and keyword volume.

5- Personalize

In marketing, it is vital to find and keep track of what your targeted audience is interested in, as it keeps changing with time.

With the personalized ai tool, you can identify the top products and services your targeted consumer is searching for. 

This tool helps you design and create personalized marketing campaigns that aim to attach customers emotionally to your brand and organization.

You can check and verify the working of its features through the free trial that requires no credit card details.

Let’s dig more to find what more it holds up to charge you marketing strategies.

  • Integrate with your email system and claims to Increase email click rate by 57%  
  • AI algorithms help track consumers’ interests, like how much time they spend on web pages and visit frequencies.
  • It gives product insights, optimizes sales, and increases consumer response to campaigns by 50%.  
  • It allows you to see every individual’s top three interested products in your contact. 

6- Pro Rank Tracker

Marketers always want their products and services to rank higher on search engines and other social media platforms when someone searches for relevant keywords.

So, to keep the reports of where your content ranks, start using Pro Rank Tracker, an ai marketing tool to track the performance of your content on the internet.

It helps you track, analyze, and report on all Google platforms, internationally, mobile, desktops, and other search sites. 

You can check the functionality of this tool with its free trial, which requires no card detail, and then on finding it helpful, it lets you subscribe to payment methods.

Look at these points and read how they can be more helpful in improving your marketing strategies.

  • You can evaluate and monitor how successful your SEO efforts have been, compare them with competitors, and make well-informed decisions to improve it if lacking in any area. 
  • Compete with other marketers through its SERPs Analysis and check out over 100 top search results for your tracker keywords.
  • Generate live reports of your content ranking and get a notification if any change occurs in its performance.
  • It uses an algorithm to give you the most updated ranking results in multiple languages on request.

7- INK

Write explosive sales and engaging marketing copies through INK software that uses artificial intelligence to write better content than competitors.

Create marketing magic as it claims to double your conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR) and attracts thousands of customers to visit your websites and online pages.

Let’s look at the marketing benefits of the INK marketing tool in detail.

  • INK ensures that your content is plagiarism free and is not written by any ai source.
  • You can generate images for advertisement and promotional campaigns through its AI image generator.
  • It can write video sales letters, social media posts, emails, blogs, scripts, and copies for advertising and digital marketing.
  • Moreover, it can Improve a website’s performance and ranking using keyword research tools like keyword manager and organic traffic insights.

8- Seventh Sense

Supercharge your email marketing with the Seventh Sense platform. It is based on behavioral analysis of consumers to detect when and what email should get sent to them for advertisements.

Handling email Inboxes has always been effortful and time-consuming, and it is now widely overused, making it a challenging strategy to succeed.

With the help of this tool, you can optimize your email content that consumers will most likely choose to read once they get delivered. 

If you are wondering what more benefits you can get using this platform, so let see

  • Its AI engine helps you write an email and generate a personalized automated response for each individual in your database.
  • It Improves the email delivery system to Increase the clicking rate and response chances.
  • You can deliver computerized emails at the optimal time for every individual, increasing the engagement rate.
  • Empowers your marketing team by reporting all the data whenever a customer engages with your business.

9- MarketMuse

Your wish to bring more customers to your business and convert views into sales can be fulfilled with the MarketMuse platform.

It is an ai marketing tool to produce high-quality content that engages viewers to make purchasing decisions.

Automates the content audits to generate material on the right metrics quicker than usual, frees you from manually editing content.

In addition, this tool helps you complete marketing tasks of searching, surveying what’s missing in the content, and what to prioritize in hours instead of days.

Let’s see how its features can assist you in performing marketing activities for your business.

  • Provide content creators with blueprints of structure, related topics, questions to answer, and linking suggestions to produce quality content for advertising and marketing.
  • Can do keyword searches for over 90 locations or languages and organize the resulting list through automated sorting and filtering.
  • Its content cluster feature helps you expand your content and analyze what topics are missing to write on and how they will perform once you complete it.
  • AI integration helps to improve low-quality content and optimize already ranked content.    

How Has AI Made Digital Marketing Easier?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping digital marketing as it can do multiple marketing tasks with better output than humans. 

Chatbots and automated response systems improve customer experiences and can handle thousands of customers simultaneously to solve queries and answer questions. 

AI-powered data analytics help marketers and content creators focus on what matter the most, the right metrics, topics, and keywords.

Moreover, it saves time and other resources that used to get wasted before ai on manual writing, searching, and creating, eliminating all the guesswork. 

Boost your content and SEO Efforts with top ai marketing tools. Improve your marketing ideas, prepare better strategies, and implement the best plans.


All the above discussion indicates that you must not waste time to compete in the rapidly changing digital marketing environment and start implementing ai tools for marketing.

Create marketing magic through these tools by increasing sales, impressions, engagements, views, and rankings. 

We unveiled the best ai marketing tools for you, such as Anywod, Jasper, INK, personalize, and others, in detail.

All 9 tools give impressive results for particular advertisement tasks, so keep your requirements and budget in mind before selecting one to use from these best ones.

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