Break Barriers and Build Bridges with 5 Best Conversation Platforms

August 15, 2023
best conversation platforms

You know how meaningful conversations and interactions in a workspace environment are crucial for success.

Disasters are bound to happen if you and your employees or partner lack communication. If you want to avoid conversational issues at any cost, you are on the right track to learn the best conversation platforms here.

Moreover, in this digital era, you will always expect innovation to rescue you, and here again, these 5 advanced technology-based best conversation platforms are ready to save you from any tragedy. 

Save yourself from any business tragedy happening because of a lack of communication with your team and customers with the 5 best conversational platforms.

Best Conversation Platforms

1- Convo

It is a work conversational platform that gets considered more than just a chat. You can share thoughts, ideas, and plans with your team and act as a central hub connecting everyone under you.

Reading its distinctive features will prove why this best conversation platforms is more than a simple chat place. 

Share whatever you like

You can share whatever you like, including images, links, presentations, and long-form documents. Moreover, its video conference gives you a feeling of a physical meeting. 

Feedback and polls

If you want to discuss a specific point in the document or file you shared in the group, then your convo allows you to annotate where you can highlight a particular text to discuss with your partners or teammates.

Moreover, you can conduct quick polls and surveys to take the opinions of your teams and employees for quick decisions.

Streamline workflow

The easy flow feature of this software allows you to evaluate and monitor the performance of the people collaborating with you on projects. It can organize and manage documents using artificial intelligence data.

Data based solution

You can harness the power of artificial intelligence by being directly in contact with the professional team of convo ready to provide automated and data-based solutions for your workplace problems.

2- Microsoft Teams

Swift and smooth interactions with your teammates and other people you collaborate with are necessary to ensure the success of projects you are working on together. For this, Microsoft Teams gives you business conversation products in the Mircosoft 365 family. 

Conduct meeting

You can call and arrange engaging virtual and video meetings where you can connect and share thoughts with people from anywhere at any given time.


It provides you with digital space to work comfortably with other people on projects. It allows you to discuss, share and edit files together even if your members stay far away.

3- Google Chat

Nobody needs to lift a finger on the status of Google and how massive this platform is. One reason for including the Googlechats platform provided by Google is its multipurpose features given as

Google spaces

Google Spaces allows smooth team discussions to share ideas and plans for future and current activities to develop and complete projects. It enhances and builds team culture in offices.  

Workspace tools

The content you are writing using google docs, sheets, and Slides can seamlessly get shared through Google Chat. Moreover, chatbots and smart suggestions assist you in completing task way faster than usual.

4- Liveperson

Liveperosn is a multiple conversational tools containing a platform, especially for businesses. It provides data-based solutions to brands for their online customers.

It provides many services, including customer services, e-commerce communications, financial conversations, and technical support.

AI assistance

Liveperson comes with the magic of AI to automate routine tasks, scheduling, and appointments.  


It provides companies with chatbot-based solutions for their brands to interact and engage with customers for better marketing purposes, including virtual assistants for frequently asked questions on websites.

Customer support

LivePerson offers 24/7 customer support, answering queries and dealing with customer needs. It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty to a particular company. 

5- Rocket.Chat

It is one of the popular open-source chat platforms that allows you to control and monitor chat spaces. It is the best conversation platforms for companies preferring to run and customize chat spaces according to their working environment.

Chat engine

It contains all the features that every user of today likes to have. You can control and customize chats according to your requirements and evaluate how users interact with each other to improve your services. 


Moreover, this software allows you to collaborate with other conversational apps to streamline workflows.

5 best communication platforms for businesses to provide customers , employees and team assistance are Convo, Google Chat, Liveperson, and Microsoft Teams.


Miscommunication can be a disaster for any business. To avoid it is best to take advantage of the best conversation platforms, like Google Chat, LivePerson, Microsoft Teams, rocket chat, and Convo.

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