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August 7, 2023
Text to Speech

You might be searching for someone who can assist read and perform all the stuff you need to know for business, content creation, education, or personal reasons.

Artificial intelligence has an answer to your problem through its assistive text to speech generators and tools.   

What is an AI Text To Speech Generator?

Text-to-speech generators that transform written content into audio speeches and give life to your written words using ai technology are known as ai text to speech generators. 

Moreover, you can convert any text or document of your business or education into audio files, and video creators can do engaging voiceovers for their video content.

Get yourself a best ai voice assistant from best ai text to speech generators to help you complete online tasks, fruitful online meeting and conversation.

Some Benefits of Using Text to Speech Generators

Text to speech voices and readers have broader applications that can help users in multiple ways for various purposes. 

And some of those purposes are here to understand how it can assist you in different fields and sectors.

For Businesses 

Businesses that target a wider global audience will find these TTS tools best to engage with new customers. 

It will help them improve their customer support and enhance customer satisfaction without spending resources on hiring staff.

Moreover, it will reduce human agents’ operating costs and workload by increasing their productivity. 

In Education

Online learners and translators can take help from text to speech readers in improving their pronunciation and reading difficulties.

Institute can convert boring reading lessons into fun and engaging listening lessons with its voice features. It will help to engage students in learning with increased concentration.

Researchers, professors, and teachers can use it to understand literacy difficulties, and its website’s voice features can fasten their research process.

Video Creators

It allows video creators to create engaging voiceovers, use different actors’ voices and make unique sounds and attractive backgrounds voices for their video content.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how their own voices sound; they can still generate soulful voices and audio to present their content to wider audiences and bring more traffic to their channel.

Personal use

People who are visually impaired or have difficulties reading documents or concentrating on words can use these ai generators as personal assistants who are always ready to read anything for their users in engaging voices.

Best Ai Text to Speech Generators for Your

To find the perfect match resembling your requirements, you might have to go through hundreds of ai text tools on the internet.

Let’s make things easy for you by listing the best ones with their features and pricing here on this page, so keep reading.

1- Otter

The first on the list of the best text to speech generators is Otter, an ai meeting assistant best for people working in a business environment.

Moreover, it can be your ultimate personal assistant helping you highlight key points, record essential points and highlight comments to talk about with teammates.


  • Dont miss Anything: By chance, if you are late or miss any crucial point of the meeting, Otter will always be present to help you record all the meetings and will send you a detailed meeting summary through email.
  • Audio Transcription: You can transcribe simple and short speech in minutes and can take time to edit long transcriptions. 
  • Remove Filler words: Otter is smarter than you think; it uses artificial intelligence technology and ignores words that are not important and termed as filler words like um, huh, etc.
  • Personalization: You can train this software to recognize your voice and speech to automatically add your name and use your vocabulary and way of talking in transcript and voice prints. 
  • Support: you can import and export files of various formats it supports, including MPEG, MP4, WMA, DOCX, and many more.
  • Integrates: it can collaborate with Google and Microsoft calendars to automatically join and record meetings for you and record or capture slides in virtual meetings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Otter offers different plans and pricing, including free for beginners, Pro for small teams, and Business and Enterprise plans for organizations. 

2- Fireflies

It is an ai software performing multiple texts to voice functions, from transcribing, searching, and analyzing to summarizing your voice meetings, conferences, and audio files. 

Fireflies’ English translation system is equipped with artificial technology to record and transcribe conversations and meetings across various industries and sectors.

It helps you unlock communication-related insights and analytics by comparing trends and measuring the quality of speakers and key topics in discussions. 


  • Conversation intelligence: it improves your pitch, trains your voice in more detail helps you in sales, recruiting, and marketing.   
  • Capture voices: fireflies make it easy to capture the voice conversation of a meeting anywhere.
  • Join from anywhere: Once you provide a meeting URL, it automatically joins preplanned discussions on all major platforms, like, Zoom, Google, and Webex.
  • Supports: Its dashboard allows you to upload audio files of various formats, MP3, M4A, and WAV.
  • Chrome Reader: It has a Chrome extension to help you record any online web activity.
  • Fast transcription: You need to upload a file on Dropbox, and it will quickly transcribe it.
  • Languages: fireflies functionality claims to transcribe conversations in more than 69 languages.


Free forever plan with limited features for all, and to have enhanced experience and benefits, you must register for the other three paid plans according to your budget.

3- Murf

Murf is a popular ai software that generates ai voices for its users, enabling them to do vice over ai text to speech projects by uploading documents. 

It helps you create the best realistic, natural-sounding voice instead of automated robots. Moreover, it lets many professionals choose from various sounds and dialects for their voice projects.


  • No robotic voices: It is difficult to tell the difference between ai voices generated through murf and the natural voice. 
  • No need for artists: For movies and TV shows dubbing projects, you dont need to hire artists as you can get the same quality of voices through Murf.
  • Creativity: It provides over 120 ai voices in more than 20 languages to allow you to choose the perfect one for your task.
  • Customize: it not only generates voices but also permits you to customize pitch, styles, punctuations, loudness, and other quality voice indicators.
  • Studio quality: no need to buy studio voice equipment as it can generate voices for professional uses.
  • Security: it uses advanced safety methods and algorithms to secure your data and files.

What Does It Cost?

Four different pricing plans for users, including a free plan with few features, and all the other paid plans come up with separate access to their features.

4- Siri

Get rid of typing and perform everyday tasks with just your voice. Siri is a virtual assistant for all Apple devices that uses voice recognition equipped with ai technology to perform functions.

It uses advanced machine learning to solve queries, recognize gestures and recommend or answer in voice accordingly.


  • Drive safer: Its text to voice features let you set a destination or place you are driving towards, and it will guide you through a voice like someone sitting next to you.
  • Keep track: If you want to avoid reading text, Siri is there to read it loud for you, play music, and connect with anyone on calls.
  • Obey your order: it can obey any action on asking, like, Setting a timer and doing calculations and measurements without writing and reading. 
  • Private & secure: Siri keeps it intimate and personal, whatever you ask it to do. It does not share it with any third party, and the audio of your request never leaves your device.
  • Knowledge & answers: For any information you need to know on the internet, Siri is there to search and bring relevant info  
  • Get control over: you can integrate it with your home’s digital system to control all the automatic functions of your home through a voice command without lifting a finger.


Siri virtual assistant features are free for all Apple devices and available in Homepod form to buy separately.

5- Cortana

Next, ai text to speech generator on the list of best ones is Cortana, developed by Microsoft to provide Microsoft users with a personal productivity assistant.

It is integrated with the Bing search engine to answer all user queries and bring relevant information to them on asking.

It is an example of artificial narrow technology (ANI) that responds to voice commands to help users achieve daily tasks.


  • Saves time: Send emails, manage calendar, set appointments and reminders without using hands.
  • Backgrounds noise: It can cut background voices and works well in public places to reduce misunderstanding chances.
  • Solve queries: On asking verbally about any information or problems, it starts using a search engine to pop up with relevant answers for you.
  • AI assistant: It can join and record meetings, send messages, make calls, and share files in your place without manually clicking. 
  • Privacy: Cortana has the same privacy algorithms as in Microsoft 365 to streamline your workflow by protecting your data. 
  • Look up words: While looking for anything on search engines, it suggests phrases for better search results.

What Does It Cost?

Cortana is free ai text to speech generator if your device operating system is Windows, iOS, Android, or Xbox OS.

6- Hey Google

An AI assistant for Google users working on text to speech (TTS) modules and speech-to-text (STT) for all devices, including phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. 

It can work with all the apps you use on your devices to streamline your workflow without much effort. Moreover, It converts text into words and generates voices to develop human interaction with its users.


  • Natural language processing: It uses several human voice samples for better voice recognition and accurate task performance.
  • Easy to use: You only need to say Hey Google to activate it to perform your voice commands.
  • Integration: It has spread its application by collaborating with digital appliances, including TVs, headphones, fridges, etc.
  • Translations: You can translate documents and web pages into languages that are easy to understand for you.
  • Perform task: It can write and read text and emails for you, set alarms and reminders, and find information on Google for you.

What Does It Cost?

First, it was free for all Google devices, and now you can access it on all Android devices.


Most written content on the internet is in English which, to understand, you should start using a text-to-speech tool for it. 

So, Practice real-world communication and conversation with Elsa’s software, an ai text to speech reader generator.

It is a language speech assistant where you can learn, monitor and evaluate your performance learning the English language.


  • AI coach: Its AI technologies provide deep analysis of your speech strength and weakness to identify areas of improvement.
  • Speech Recognition: It uses artificial intelligence, which was incorporated in it using samples of native English speakers that help it to recognize and evaluate non-native speakers.
  • How to pronounce: Elsa Speak features help you pronounce difficult words like a pro.
  • Feedback: Its speech analyzer gives you a transcript of what you speak and detailed feedback on it to guide you to communicate with confidence.

What are the Charges?

Three different pricing plans are available that give access to a definite number of users per account. 

8- Socratic

An ai text to speech generator specially made for students and teachers for educational purposes. It is an ai voice tool for e-learning and virtual classrooms.

Students can use Socratic to get information from valuable resources on one platform. Moreover, it works for multiple subjects science, math, social studies, and more. 


  • Speak a question: Students can speak any question, and it will bring all relevant answers and lessons available to solve student queries.
  • High-quality learning: It gives a better understanding of topics and enhances students’ productivity by helping with homework and assignments.
  • Integrations: it collaborates with khan academy and other educational platforms to curate lessons relevant to student questions.
  • User-friendly: It is easy to use and can be downloaded from the Google and Apple app store.
  • Teacher help: Socratic brings visual lessons with the help of teachers to make complex concepts easy.

Convert your voice into commands through ai text to speech generators to generate quality results form online meeting, lessons and conversations.


Have a total of three plans, out of which two are payment plans and the other one is free with limited features.

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