DocGPT vs Copymate: A Clash of Differences and Benefits

July 14, 2023
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Over the last few years, there’s been continuous pressure to produce quality and engaging content that can retain and bring more viewers has given inconsistent results.


What to do to overcome these rising issues for content creators? 


To overcome this problem, we can use tools empowered with the magic of artificial intelligence that can generate quality content for its user in no time.

What is DocGPT?

It is an artificial intelligence tool that combines the power of AI with a pdf editor to increase the productivity of users working on documents. 


It focuses on changing the way we operate documents. It can generate content, including essays, summaries, articles, and other endless files. Moreover, it uses artificial intelligence to solve any queries of its users related to documents.

Key features

  • Generate long-form documents: Unlike others, content writing tools docGPT does not have length limits and can produce lengthy documents.


  • Language feature: It has a multi-language feature to understand every language and write reports and articles in any language. 


  • Pdf editor: it allows users to edit, change and highlight text in a document making it easy to use.


  • Human-like document: one of its key features is that it got designed to write and generate texts like humans.


1- Saves time and cost

You can save valuable time which you spend reviewing and editing long-form documents. It also reduces the cost you needed for research and experiments to write articles.

2- Solve queries

It can simply upload your document in a chatbot-like interface and can solve queries related to it. It helps to solve all of your files related concerns you were worried about.

3- User friendly

Docgpt is very easy to use and handle. It not only generates content but also allows you to edit, annotate and highlight information in your document through a powerful PDF editor.

4- Flexible pricing plan

You can get free assess by signing up to write more than 2000 words, unlimited chat messages, templates for your essay, reports, and other documents. 

What is meant by Copymate?

Copymate is also an AI-based tool that can generate content for the users of its platform. It is helpful to produce high-quality, long and short-term documents in minutes. 


Its objective is to streamline and revolutionize the content creation process. It also focuses on producing efficient and Search engine (SEO) optimized content to reduce cost.

Key features

  • Generate in bulk: users can write the maximum number of articles they want to.


  • Publishing: It integrates with WordPress allowing users to post and publish content on WordPress sites.


  • Multilingual: this feature is helpful to create content in multiple languages and reach wider audiences.


  • GPT-4: It collaborates with the latest AI language model to produce relevant and optimized content.


1- Maximum efficiency

It generates the bulk of documents quickly, increasing your productivity and saving time to do other regular tasks. 

2- Boost your SEO efforts

Copymate produces optimized content and contains those keywords that help to rank your content higher when published on websites. 

3- Reach a wider audience

If you want to enhance your reach and global audience through your content, then you can write essays, articles, and reports in multiple languages.

4- Scalability

You can manage and handle multiple projects or write as many articles as you want under a single platform. 


What are the differences between DocGPT and Copymate?


                                                         DocGPT vs Copymate
                          DocGPT                    Copymate
  • A tool that combines artificial intelligence with a pdf editor to generate and edit documents.
  • A tool leveraging the power of GPT-4 to produce optimized and relevant content.
  • Does not claim to generate optimized content
  • It claims to boost your SEO efforts by writing optimized content.
  • Does not collaborate with WordPress to post content.
  • It Integrates with WordPress to publish content on WordPress sites.
  • Have a powerful PDF editor to edit and highlight text.
  • It does not have a pdf editor like docGPT.
  • Answers your document-related queries.
  • You cannot ask document-related questions from it.
  • It gives 2500 hundred words of free insights.
  • Allow to generate 16000 free words.
  • It cannot manage multiple documents at the same time. 
  • It provides a feature of multisite management.
  • It does not claim to enhance organic traffic.
  • It claims to increase organic traffic.



It is evident from the above discussion that DocGPT and Copymate are efficient solutions for making quality content. One can solve all of the problems you have with your documents. And the other one allows you to produce optimized content that enhances your website visibility.


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