10 Social Media Management Tools For Better Customer Services

September 12, 2023
Social media management tools

Step into the forefront of social media management Tool, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools stand as the driving force behind its transformation.

Read and learn how AI can elevate your social media game, building connections that matter and propelling your online presence to unprecedented heights.

Imagine a world where your social media posts reach your audience and resonate with them profoundly. And watch your digital dreams become reality.

Why AI social media management tools are Important?

Imagine having a magical toolbox that makes your social media posts look amazing, helps you talk to lots of people, and even tells you when to share stuff for maximum impact. 

The ability to engage with followers effortlessly, analyze performance with precision, and uncover the strategies that truly work makes them important to use.

Moreover, it’s like having your very own social media superhero squad! Well, guess what? This magic is real and called Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI gives power to your social media. It helps you schedule posts, chat with fans, and understand what’s working. 

Whether you are running a cool business or just someone who loves sharing online, these AI tools are your best weapons to become a social media superstar.

Top 10 Social Media Tools To Boost Your Online Presence

In a landscape filled with information, connecting meaningfully has never been more vital, and these ten exceptional AI tools are here to make that happen.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a world where your posts shine, your fans cheer, and you rule the digital kingdom of social media. 

Get ready to explore the world of AI-powered social media management tool that will turn your social media game from zero to hero. 

1- Flick

An excellent social media marketing platform that claims to grow your social media presence using artificial intelligence technology.

This tool is designed and developed to give you complete authority to streamline every task you used to perform manually. 

It helps you organize posts, edit media whenever you like, schedule content when most of your audience is online, hashtags suggestions, notification posting for TikTok, and much more.

Features to look at:

  • Hashtag management: This software provides several hashtag tools for your Instagram account to find, manage, organize, and copy quality hashtags. 
  • Analytical Reports: It allows you to track your account growth by providing reports of over 20 metrics. It helps you to decide what media strategy is working for accounts.
  • AI Help: This software has AI algorithms to generate captions, hashtags, and other content on the topics you want to post on your account. And researches creative post ideas for you.
  • Planning Partner: A very reliable and notable feature of this is that it allows you to schedule your content, including posts, reels, captions, etc. 

2- ContentStudio

This is an excellent tool for content marketers, businesses of any size, and companies that want to grow their social presence by sharing the best content and enhancing their reach.

Everyone can use it to automate social media management, curate content, and improve marketing across all social platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Feature to look at:

  • Manage social Campaigns: It is an autopilot option to plan, generate, preset, and publish engaging posts for a whole campaign.
  • AI writer: Provides AI help to save your time by automating images, hashtags, captions, emoji generating and uploading process.
  • Evaluation: This gives you a report on all social analytics to monitor your social media growth and fine-tune your brand’s media strategy.
  • Engagements: It automates all the messages, comments, and feedback you receive and access to all social accounts to help you manage and boost your customer services.
  • Search: It discovers and finds trending content and enables you to curate the same, connecting you with the right influencers to uplift your marketing strategies.

3- Heyday

Heyday is a good option for ecommerce sites and merchants looking for an assistant to manage their customer services across all the social media channels.

Heyday is a platform that provides AI conversation chatbots to users to uplift their sales by improving customer services. 

It helps your agents to communicate with customers by sending automated impactful messages and manages your customer services 24/7 to convert every visit into cash.

Features to look at:

  • Easy management: It collects and displays messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and emails at single dashboards to manage workload.
  • Analytics: It allows you to track and measure your team performance, customer satisfaction scores, average responses, and many more to make further strategies.
  • Customer support: Automate FAQ responses. Guides customers from product search to checkout and is always available to respond to customers with impactful messages.
  • Push notification: lets you send the customer a pop-up for product suggestions and recommendations.

4- Emplifi

Empliffi is a social media management to help you build stronger relationships with customers, service business growth and sales, and get loyal consumers.

This platform’s social marketing clouds use artificial intelligence to build and adapt to the dynamic world of social media.

It streamlines and speeds up your content creation, approval, and uploading process with the help of a simple and easy to use interface.

Features to look at:

  • Analytics & Reporting: A dashboard displays all the information related to trends, competitor benchmarks, customer sentiments, and brand reputation.
  • Manage & Monitor: With social care management tools, you can respond, manage, and solve all consumer queries. It also allows you to monitor your customer care performance.
  • UGC: Gains loyal customers and builds trust with user-generated content.
  • Influencer marketing: It helps you contact influencers to advertise your content across social media.
  • Social Bots: Empliffi allows you to use its social bots for messaging customers across digital channels to improve customer support.

5- Lately

In the digital landscape, content is the real king. You will be at the top of your digital game if your content is top-notch.

Lately, it has been a social content producing platform that generates and delivers quality content that perfectly matches your brand’s voice and objective of being a robust business across social media.

It analyzes your marketing goals and identifies a targeted audience to create posts that include pinpoints, words, phrases, etc., which gives you the highest possible engagements, sales, and marketing value.

Features to look at:

  • Transformative media posts: automatically creates post copy, audio, and video according to the targeted audience with tracking links and takes approval before posting, 
  • Multilingual: You can post on social media in multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc., to address more people and enhance reach.
  • AI insights: Integration with AI ensures your brand message is impactful and gives you insights on keywords and phrases that convince users to make purchasing decisions.  
  • Dashboard: You can use its analytics dashboard to evaluate your social media content performance across all channels. 

6- WordStream

Wordstream is an advertising management tool for all your digital sites, including social media platforms. It uses artificial intelligence to give you real time reports on advertisement success.

This platform facilitates its users to manage and monitor their paid and PPC advertising campaigns on social media like Facebook Ads, Google ads, and Bing ads.

Features to look at:

  • Performance grades: It allows you to use grading tools to monitor reviews and advertisement success with over 9 metrics, including Quality scores, click-through rate, keywords, Impressions, etc. 
  • Boost SEO efforts: It claims to derive more website traffic by improving reach on Google, Facebook, and Apple Maps.
  • Keyword research: Helps you find keywords for PPC and SEO that accelerate business growth. 
  • Social campaigns: Evaluate every aspect of paid advertising on social media to help you make changes for a better impact.

7- Cortex

Visual content is the heart of any marketing strategy for social media, and we humans crave visual content more than written content.

Cortex is a social media marketing tool that manages and organizes visual content for your audience to help you improve your return on investment.

Features to look at:

  • AI Assitance: uses machine learning to analyze customers to help you predict their response to your visual content and improve it further.
  • Insights: Get reporting on which visual content is trending and know what you need to post and what you require to uplift your engagement rate on social platforms.
  • Content Calendar: It allows you to automate the content-uploading process; you can schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Filtering: Give value to loyal audiences and post what content they love with advanced demographic tools.

8- HelloWoofy

HelloWoofy is a social media management to organize your business marketing strategy on social platforms.

It helps companies connect with customers and grow their reach through social accounts using artificial intelligence-powered tools.

It generates and post content that the audience love and prevent publishing post that can damage the brand’s reputation in the eyes of viewers.

Features to look at:

  • Filtering: Block and prevent content from being posted that is unwanted and damaging. 
  • Voice assistant: It allows you to control social media tasks through your voice, from creating content to running social campaigns.
  • Management: It offers features to receive, share, and organize people’s feedback on your social accounts. 
  • Blog posting: It helps you completes blogs with engaging quotes and emoji to post on social media. 

9- QuillBot

You want your social media content to be concise and captivating. For that, you can use Quillbots for word choice and synonym suggestions, which can aid in finding words while reducing repetition in your posts.

Moreover, ensuring professional and error-free social media posts is crucial. Quillbots grammar and style suggestions can guarantee that your posts are well-written and refined.

Features to look at:

  • Paraphrasing Features: can assist in rephrasing existing content for platforms or repurposing ideas while avoiding the content problem.
  • Multilingual: For businesses with audiences, Quillbot’s multilingual support could be beneficial in crafting posts and messages in languages.
  • Quillbots plagiarism checker: assists in detecting and preventing content theft or copyright infringements.
  • Scheduling: It can assist in planning and scheduling content by offering suggestions for post captions, headlines, and descriptions.

10- Meltwater

Meltwater is a PR management tool that combines the power of social media with market research to make its consumers stay ahead of the others.

This platfrom helps your business find what your customers need by applying data science, market search, and AI technology. 

You can monitor and manage your news and social media reputation through a simple dashboard.

Features to look at:

  • PR measurement: It provides advanced PR analytical tools to let you knwo what you know about the sentiments of your social media followers.
  • Business insights: You can monitor your performance on social media by tracking keywords, ranking trends, and many more. 
  • Media contact: Its innovative media contact features allow you to connect with bloggers, influencers, and more.
  • Segmentation: Manage and deal with your audience separately based on their behaviors, attitudes, and influences.

Embrace these digital allies and watch your online presence soar to new heights! step confidently into the world of AI-powered  social media tools.

In Closing

Say hello to your new social media superpowers, tools that are equipped with artificial intelligence to transform your online presence. 

The above-discussed top 10 social media management automate your tasks, from precisely scheduling posts to engaging with your audience like a pro.

These tools bring the magic of Artificial Intelligence to your fingertips. Gone are the days of uncertainty and manual guesswork. 

With AI, you’ve got the edge. So whether you’re a business aiming for the stars or an individual sharing your passion, these tools have your back, making your social media journey smoother and more successful.

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