3 Best Task Manage Tool to Fuel Your Productivity

August 15, 2023
Task management

Task Management Tools

In business, you have a pile of tasks to perform every day. Moreover, your workload keeps increasing you struggle to handle and keep track of everything.

It can happen to anyone and all they require is someone to rescue them. So why not take help from technology as it is the most economical way? 

Plenty of task management tools are available on the internet to get picked by you, but it is tricky to find the most suitable one.

Let’s make things easy for you to select from the 3 best task management tools to manage your duties well.   

1- Cleartask

Discussion and planning are crucial parts of your business before performing any task. And before implementing any decision, you need to call meetings to discuss it with your partners and employees. 

Setting manual meetings is no less than a headache and needs everyone to be physically and mentally present. Moreover, you have to adjust meeting times according to the wishlist of everybody. 

Cleartask is here to remove all these troubling factors for holding meetings and discussions with its distinctive features. 

Notes and To-Do List

You can design and organize task and the points you like to talk about during the meeting. It has a feature to store all the ideas and plans you will address to others.

Moreover, it will keep reminding you of the point you left to address in the form of pop-ups. 

Act as Central Hub

Global businesses have an opportunity to address and organize meetings, tasks, and work of branches and outlets working under them in different cities and countries.

Online Attendance

It has a built-in feature to mark the attendance of people itself. So, you do not need to take care of who is attending? It shows the presence of people attending.

Evaluate and Track

You can watch over the activities of people attending meetings on Cleartask. It allows you to keep track of the progress and status of tasks you allocate to employees.

Furthermore, monitoring and evaluation will result in better outcomes for the tasks assigned to you and your employees. 

Mobile Friendly

You cannot take your laptop and desktop everywhere to manage your task like a usual assistant as they are not so portable.

But not the case if you uses cleartask as your managing tool because you can run it on your mobile phone too and keep track of all task through the device you have in your hand.

2- MindGenie

MindGenie is an assistant software empowered with the magic of artificial intelligence that can enhance your productivity by organizing schedules and tasks.

It is best for people just starting their business journey and want to unlock their full potential by using their valuable time to fetch maximum benefits.

Track Time and Never Miss

When you have a burden to do a lot of tasks and work on your shoulders, you often miss deadlines for particular task management.

Mindgenie platform allows you to keep track of the time you set to complete your duty. It will keep reminding you like an alarm that how much time you have left to finish your task. 

Make Schedules

It uses the intelligence of robotics to design, break and allocate time for distinctive tasks. Furthermore, it allows you to set and track time limits to perform a particular duty. 

Blend with others

This software can integrate with other software, including Google Calendar, jira, and Notion, and can receive data from all these software to notify about tasks left to manage.

3- ZenTask

It is software to manage, track and evaluate your marketing, sales, and online website tasks. It uses robots and cutting-edge technology, including AI, to generate and write content for your online work.

It offers multiple tools to handle business and marketing stuff. You can hire it as your task management tool assistant to gain the following advantages.   

Boost SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization is tough to handle and need a proper team consisting of professional to manage your online task management for marketing purposes.

But if you start using this software, you can manage and perform your websites and other online work effortlessly. Furthermore, this platform can do several jobs, from keyword searches to writing and optimizing articles. 

Make Eye-Catching Visuals

You do not need to have art or graphic skills to create appealing visuals for customers of your brand. 

Moreover, you don’t want to spend resources on hiring someone for your task management.

Zentask is available to solve this trouble for your business. All you need is to write a text as a command to generate appealing images and visuals.

Earning Option

Its earning feature will leave you with no choice but to start using Zentask for managing your duty. The task you are performing to solve your regular queries can get sold as solutions to other users. And in return, you can get paid for your unique prompts.

Whatever you are creating, including images, visual and creative prompts. You are the owner who will decide to keep it for yourself or want it to make available for public use. 

Marketing Magic

You know your business stands on the number of products and services you are currently selling. You always have continuous pressure to increase your sales for the growth of your business. To lighten this burden, you can use Zentask to boost your product detail through better marketing.

Zentask can write eye-catching product descriptions, emails, articles, blogs, and details that force users to purchase your products. It increases your sales and helps you achieve the sales goal of your business.

Benefits of Task Manage Tools

You must use task management tools to unlock your full working potential, especially from those stated above, as they will provide you with several benefits

  • Increase productivity.
  • Better utilization of time.
  • Meet deadlines and save valuable time.
  • Better outcomes of daily tasks.
  • Track the progress of duties assigned to others.
  • Organize tasks and structure meetings.
  • Boost your online work for digital marketing.


If you are struggling to manage and organize task routine for your business, then you must sign up and use these 3 best task management tools, including MindGenie, Zentask, and Clear task. They all are beneficial because of their unique features of organizing tasks, assigning duties, tracking and monitoring progress, and arranging meetings.

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