Spark Magic in Films With 6 Video Quality Enhancer Apps in 2023

August 16, 2023
video quality Enhancer

Are you tired of videos that fail to capture the beauty of the moments you cherish the most?


Do you wish to create videos showing every single detail to capture the attention of your audience?

All your wishes to make a quality video with whatever device you choose to record can come true with video quality enhancer apps. 

Turn your low-quality visuals into cinematic masterpieces with 6 best video quality enhancers of 2023, such as Filmora, VEED, Lightwork, and others.

What Are Video Quality Enhancers?

Video enhancers help improve video quality by increasing resolution, adjusting saturation and light issue, removing blurriness, and bringing more clarity and sharpness.

Watching and learning through video content has become crucial, and we wish to watch only high-quality videos. However, most prefer watching videos with clear, high-quality visuals. 

Moreover, It is challenging to see blurry videos with lightning and color issues, so what should we do to solve this? 

To deal with this, video creators can use video enhancer apps to improve video quality and fix all the above-stated issues.

Best Quality Enhancer Apps for Videos

It is vital for people who wish to make and edit videos of the best quality without using heavy equipment and devices to enhance recording quality.

You can still elevate and transform your visuals into masterpieces even if you dont have high-tech recording equipment. 

Here on this page, we reveal the 6 best video quality enhancer apps to guide and help you improve video quality with a few clicks.


The first app you must explore to enhance video quality is VEED. It provides different tools to make, record and edit videos easily.

It uses artificial intelligence power to improve its working as a video enhancer. It can add themes, styles, and attention-grabbing effects to your clips.

It contains plenty of upscaling tools and ai powered features to enhance videos for commercial and professional uses.


  • It automatically detects unwanted noises and removes them from your video to make it look like a professional recording.
  • You can edit the frame rate of your videos to create a stop-motion video effect or make a gift. And adjusting the frame rate will help your video appear smooth and less jumpy. 
  • The brightness editor tool of Veed can correct the brightening issues, fix color, and brings vibrance and transparency to clips.
  • It contains a massive library of preset filters, including sepia, black, vintage, and glitch, providing a new look and appealing theme to your camera shots.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to track your eye moment to make it look more focused.
  • You can resize, crop, and remove the background of the videotape.
  • It does upscaling to increase the resolution of the film you short to provide better quality content.
  • It stabilizes the video by correcting shakiness to make it look even.


  • It offers multiple pricing plans, including free access for enhancing smaller video projects, but it is better to subscribe to paid plans to get maximum output.

2- Filmora

It is a video editing platform offering multiple video-enhancing tools to convert low-quality video into high-quality visuals. 

It has built-in video upscaling and enhancing features to add a finishing touch to your videos using any device. 

It lets you convert low-quality footage into impressive and captivating footage using cutting-edge technology.


  • It gives you more than 50 countdown effects, 26 face filters, and filmstock containing creative products to enhance the visual quality of videos and recordings.
  • It provides free access to over 900 different effects and themes to drag-and-drop elements and transitions in clips.
  • You can adjust frame ratios automatically according to your needs without compromising video quality. 
  • You can provide a cinematic feel to your different kinds of video, including traveling and daily life vlogs, with hundreds of 3D lookup tables for color grading.
  • It perfectly matches your video with audio by adjusting the playback speed for your viewers.
  • AI clever cutout feature allows you to remove backgrounds and other unwanted objects, such as icons and items.
  • Batch processing allows you to apply its enhancing features on multiple videos by copy-pasting preset styles and transitions.


  • It gives seven days of a free trial to enhance video but with a visible watermark. You must pay to get paid version to keep improving videos with removed watermarks.

3- Topaz Labs

This app focuses mainly on video enhancement and allows great production-level features for upscaling and stabilizing videos.

This platform also uses artificial intelligence to craft high-quality visuals for your use. It is highly efficient and productive in streamlining your video editing workflow.


  • When moving from interlaced to progressive video formats, the deinterlacing feature of Topaz Labs helps retain the best possible quality of your video content.
  • Its video stabilization model is better than many other apps and software to reduce shaky footage and makes it seem like you used a tripod to record video.
  • Provide up to 4k cinematic slow motion to clips and shots.
  • It removes noises and sharpens low-quality footage.
  • The AI model can restore complex old videos and footage.
  • It can improve the graphics of video games and cartoons, improving overall video quality and appearance.


  • You can get Topaz Labs AI for 30 days free by clicking demo mode after download without fearing a watermark appearance in your videos.

4- Lightworks

Video creators can unleash their full potential with the Lightwork app because it is a quality video enhancer besides video editing software.

Its features perfectly match your vision of creating stunning high-quality videos for which you dont require technical expertise.


  • Its color calibration system helps adjust the color aspect raion and achieve natural color rendition with high accuracy.
  • It can manage and enhance videos of any size, length, and frame rate.
  • Its VFX tool set makes adding visual effects to video and footage easier.
  • Advance transitions to move from one scene to another smoothly.
  • It enhanced effects to polish your video content and make it appear more appealing to viewers.
  • Elevate your animated video projects with complex movement effects.


  • Available in both free and paid versions, to get the advantage of creating stunning visuals.

5- AVCLabs

Another app in our list of best video enhancers is AVCLabs, an AI video enhancement and upscale to improve video quality.

It is an automated AI-powered tool that allows restoring and repairing old videos, adding unique colors, and enhancing resolution without fearing the quality aspect of videos.

Moreover, using this platform, video creators can improve every quality aspect of their video projects to captivate them. They can keep them on the edge of their seats till the end of the video.


  • Its upscaling software allows you upscale videos from SD to HD with resolutions up to 4k and 8k.
  • Bring life to your valuable old videos with its resolution-elevating options.
  • You can sharpen TV shows, vintages, films, and anime with its trained AI model for a better display experience.
  • It integrates with its frame enhancement tool to improve the quality of your clips frame by frame.
  • It automatically detects the face and does its refinement to make every detail visible.
  • It removes the grainy and blurry appearance of the video.
  • It brings clarity by converting fuzzy videos into crispy visuals.


  • Monthly, annual, and lifetime pricing plans are available for its video-enhancing features.

6- Hitpaw Video Enhancer

Hitpaw video enhancer app can stand out among plenty of video quality enhancer platforms because it works to change the compressed video into high resolution. 

It leverages the magic of powerful ai algorithms and does deep learning to improve video quality and preserve originality. 

It is a simple, user-friendly video enhancer. Launch it and upload your video to use it. Select the AI model to apply it for enhancing and repairing video. Test the effect to export this enhanced and upscaled video.


  • It uses the general Denoise model equipped with AI-detecting noises to make the video clear and blur-free.
  • It is best for upscaling animated videos for better graphics and clarity. 
  • Its face-retouching tool help to improve face detailing in recorded videos.
  • It magically adds vivid and exciting color to the old black-and-white footage.
  • It automatically enhances video up to 4k and 8k resolution.
  • Moreover, you can enlarge your videos without distorting quality and clarity.


  • You can download and install it for free in MAC and Windows versions. Moreover, it offers a reasonable premium version to use all features of enhancing and upscaling videos.

Explore the secrets behind breathtaking videos and upgrade your production game using quality video enhancers of 2023 like Filmora, VEED, and others.


To sum up, our whole discussion on the 6 best video quality enhancer apps in 2023 to help you turn your low-quality footage, films, and videos into cinematic masterpieces. If you want potent apps and tools to enhance and upscale your video project, use Lightwork, AVCLabs, Hitpaw video enhancer, VEED, Filmora, and Topaz Labs.

You can add magical color, stunning transitions,s and effects with vivid colors. Moreover, the above tools allow you to restore and repair old footage, adjust color saturations, remove backgrounds, export in 4k and 8k resolutions, bring clarity, and remove blurriness to make crispy visuals containing movies and films.

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