Term And Conditions


Data privacy is the biggest concern of users that we always protects. In addition to the protection of data, we have composed important terms and conditions to educate users about how we collect and handle the information from our valuable clients. Before you plan to use our reverse image search facility, it’s better to take a look at our terms of service to develop an understanding. Here are some details about our terms of service!

Account Terms

Is Reverseimage.net free to use?

Of course, the website is free to use for all users who wish to explore a variety of reverse images on the web. Indeed, we provide free facilities to worldwide users keeping in mind the accuracy and speed of the platform.

How many times can I perform searches with this ReverseImageTool?

No condition applies to users regarding the usage of this wonderful image finding platform. Users can use it maximum times even without bothering any limits to discover eye-catching pictures.

How can I find a person with just a picture?

Searching a person with just a picture is easy in the Reverse Image Search tool. Just you need to upload the picture of a person you have stored on the hard drive to see cross-match results.

What kinds of images can I search on ReverseImage?

Type of File: There are so many types of files supported in this reverse image application. Some of the common types include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and Web images. Besides these common files, we are looking forward to exploring more extensions to facilitate our users.

Image dimensions: All pixel dimensions are accepted by our image finding tool.

File size: Our tool easily uploads the file that carries around 20MB weight.

Watermarked images: To seek the highest quality results, the better is to upload images without having a watermark.

Subject matter: All the images added to our website should meet the criterion of terms of service.

Can I use images I find using Reverse Images lookup?

To make effective use of the images you trace through Reverse Image Search. It’s better not to use copyright images. You have to seek permission from the owner to use these images. The rest of the images can be used freely.

Are My Uploaded Images Secured with Reverse Image Lookup?

As per our terms and policies, every single image you upload is safe and protected. We never disclose any single image to third parties, as all the information remains confidential.

Can This Image Finder Store My Images for Life Time?

Nope, all the images you upload on this photo finder tool are automatically removed after a certain time.