7 Best AI Image Upscale and Enhancer Tools

July 25, 2023
7 Best AI Image Upscaler

Our lifestyles have changed over time now, we like to interact and engage with people on the Internet more than in-person with 7 Best AI Image Upscale and Enhancer Tools.

Technology has enabled us enough to share and post pictures for millions of internet users, so why would anyone want to compromise on the quality of their shared photos?

No need to worry about which device or camera you capture images with. You can enhance their quality and preserve originality with image enhancers and upscale tools to post online.  

Why do You need Best AI Image Upscale and Enhancer Tools?

You want to watch and see the same quality of Images on Television as you were watching on your mobile phone and other devices.

Sometimes your pictures get blurry and distorted when you try to enlarge them. Moreover, the quality of the photo suffers due to pixels.

Moreover, you need to upscale and enhance your picture because of the following reason.

  • To make photos clear and more detailed.
  • To preserve the originality of photos.
  • To increase the resolution of images without damaging pixels.
  • To finish the blurriness of images.
  • To make them appear more smooth and pixelated.

So why don’t you use image upscaling and enhancing tools instead of deleting your precious pictures?

7 Best AI Image Upscalor and Enhancer Tools

Moreover, you have seen how artificial intelligence has taken over the world by storm and now has done the same image department.

AI image more upscale uses deep machine learning to sharpen and enlarge images better than regular enhancer tools, which work only at the pixel level.

You can find these AI image-enhancing tools with help, as we are unleashing the 7 best Image upscale and enhancer tools after detailed searching.

All these tools have distinct features and functions, which will force you to start using them to level up your pictures.

1- Hitpaw Photo Enhancer

The first one is the Hitpaw photo enhancer in our list of the best photo enhancer tools to transform your images as they have been taken from a high-resolution camera. With this tool, you can enlarge pictures without disturbing the quality.

Its 4 AI models can brush up the blurriness of images without compromising on the quality whenever and wherever you like.  

How to use Hitpaw?

After opening the interface of the Hitpaw photo enhancer program, upload the snaps you want to improve. Choose and select the ai model according to your need to understand what it will look like. After the preview, you are ready to export your enhanced pictures.


  • A general model is available to glorify the captured real-life scenes, including land and buildings.
  • With the face model feature, you can make your portraits spotless and flawless by removing marks and blurriness.
  • You can provide color to your black-and-white phase photos with a single click. The restores old feature option allows you to repair old photos like new ones.
  •  You can adjust the uneven lightning issues in shots using a denoise option, including art and anime images.
  • You can change your photos into cartoons or Japanese-style anime characters with it.

Pricing model

Free and paid access to the Hitpaw ai image enhance platform is available to select according to your requirement.

2- AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

AVC labs ai image enhance uses cutting-edge technology to increase the image resolution by 400% folds.

It got launched after testing it for thousands of image styles, and this vigorous testing proved that it could sharpen the photos without destroying any little details in the picture.

The best thing about this tool is that even after editing the quality and resolution, it preserves the naturalness of these pictures.

Its presence indicates that you dont have to use complicated edit tools for snaps. It uses computer algorithms to provide edited images in less time than you spent on editing through other means and software.

How to use it?

You can click the browse option to upload an image once you open the AVCLabs program. After that, select any ai model you like out of the five models it provides. Moreover, you can edit and crop the image size before upscaling it.


  • Superresolution allows you to upscale the resolution of the photos you upload on this platform.
  • An intelligent denoise feature can automatically remove a Grainy, blurry appearance in snaps.
  • AI color fixation can fix color issues and the skin tone of the pictures.
  • Background removal is present to make the shots you took through your camera transparent. It will help you create backgrounds of your choice in your photographs.
  • The face retouching feature is helpful to edit selfies and make them more beautiful.
  • Focused features on the face, including lips and eyes, can be enhanced using ai technology that you will be confident to share on social apps.

Pricing model

You can get a free trial on sign-up, but to use its enhanced features, you must opt for a paid option providing three different paid plans.


The next on the list of best image upscale enhancers is IconS8, an ai image-free enhancer. It is driven by intelligent algorithms and computer programs to upscale the quality of pictures.

The main reason behind including this iconS8 in the top list of best ai image upscaler and photo enhancer tools is its safety and protection.

 Machine learning programs used in this tool not permitted for showcasing and sharing your data with other users, So there will be no fear of misuse by others.

How to use it?

You only need to drag and place photos on this free tool’s landing page. It will automatically upscale our image, and after a few seconds, it will be ready to download.


  • The storage option allows you to store your imaging data on it and retrieve it whenever you want to.
  • You can view your history or previous upscaled work to download it again.
  • Upscale your pictures up to 8000×8000 without distorting the quality.
  • You get awarded a watermark removal feature once you join paid plans.
  • Smart upscale features use the ai image upscaling technique to upscale your illustrations to 64 megapixels.
  • Its algorithms can recognize faces in the pictures themselves and automatically upscale them.

Pricing model

You can try it for free, but the paid version of IconS8 is preferable for a better experience and results.

4- DeepImage

One of the best and most efficient tools for best ai image upscale is DeepImage. You can get new ideas by upscaling your digital art pieces and illustration in DeepImage.  

This tool is a game changer for photo editors working in e-commerce and real estate businesses. A deep image program perfectly enhances photos for a user wanting people to pay attention to their products.

How does it work?

DeepImage tool uses artificial intelligence to observe the content of the photographs you uploaded, and it generates missing pixels by itself after analysis. The resultant photo will be more detailed with enhanced quality.


  • Made to upscale your snaps and photos up to 5x, and in paid plans, if the file is JPEG format, you can upscale the resolution of your photographs upto 10000 × 10000
  • It is user-friendly as you can use it on any device, including mobile phones.
  • It can support upscaling and enhancement of pictures in bulk amounts.
  • You can get HDR results showing every little detail of your photos with a perfect lighting ratio.
  • It collaborates with multiple eCommerce sites to enhance the images displaying products of your online store.
  • Moreover, noise detection and reduction, background removal, and color correction options are present like the above tools.


Free trial to grasp the idea of its working, and you then can subscribe to a paid plan to get better benefits.


Allows you to upscale and enhance images online and on software using best ai image upscaler technology. It claims to improve image resolution by 800% without disturbing photo pixels. It can make your banners, posters, and product pictures clearer than regular photo enhancer tools.

How to use it?

You can download it free on Mac and Windows to enlarge images using cutting-edge ai algorithms. Upload the image and start processing after selecting the resolution scale to make the picture bigger and wait a few seconds to download.


  • Variety of scales 2x, 4x, 6x to 8x present to choose from for your pictures.
  • The 4k upscale feature of this ai image enhancer helps to highlight each detail of product photos.
  • It can help you understand blurry text images by clearing them more through 4k upscaling.
  • Your processed images will be visible without watermarks.
  • It supports the upload of photo files up to 10 MBs.
  • It allows batch processing to upload as many photos as you want to process all at once.
  • Images will continue to get enhanced and upscale even offline.


It would be best if you bought credits before using the features of VanceAI Upscaler. However, you can upgrade and cancel paid plans at any time.

6- Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance has become part of the list showcasing the best ai image-enhancer tools and software to improve the quality of pictures. It is famous for achieving professional-grade images with its de-pixelation features.

Moreover, you can download its app form on mobiles phone to upscale images up to 20 at once.

How does it work?

This ai image enhancer-free version needs you to upload photos on the page before processing to improve the quality.


  • You can resize your pictures according to any web format.
  • Smart Enhance makes the image clearer without increasing resolution.
  • It boosts the printing quality of text containing photographs.
  • Visually enhance art pieces and illustrations.
  • You can add and remove pixels to create the image of your liking.
  • It mostly supports JPG, PNG, and WebP formats.


Few free credits are available for this tool to test these features for pictures, while users can select multiple paid options to keep using it.

7- ImgUpscaler

The name of this tool perfectly indicates what it does best, as it can upscale your photographs and illustrations in seconds. It is integrated with the latest super-artificial technology to speed up the photo-enhancing process.

Moreover, you can make your picture look better and clearer with its captivating AI technology.

Furthermore, it can adjust pixels to keep snaps natural and professional like the original but with enhanced quality.

How does it work?

It supports png and jpeg formats to improve the quality of the picture. The website scans the photos to detect the missing pixels with ai technology. It enlarges and brings clarity to images without sacrificing quality.


  • You can remove artifacts visible in your photographs by upgrading and color fixation.
  • It provides smooth edges to your blurry and fuzzy pics.
  • It allows batch processing for enhancing multiple pictures at a time.
  • Your photos get cleared within a day, providing safety to its users.
  • It optimizes anime scale technology to convert your image into sketches and cartoons.


You can get 5 free images per week to upscale and enhance; otherwise, you must select a pricing plan to continue using this tool.

Final Words:

AI uses deep machine learning to find image issues and then add the missing details, which is impossible with typical upscale tools. To help you reap the benefits of this AI technology, we revealed 7 best ai image upscaler tools, including Hitpaw photo enhancer, Let’s enhance, ImgUpscaler, DeepImage, VanceAI, Icons8, and AVCLabls photo enhancer AI.

Detailed analysis of these tools above has made it easy to choose any of them according to your liking. These tools have distinct features based on artificial intelligence, such as enhancing image resolutions, removing background, and making snaps clearer and flawless. You can upscale and enhance your photographs in seconds without worrying about quality.

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