6 Best AI Chrome Extensions For Content Creators

August 18, 2023
AI Chrome Extensions

AI Chrome Extensions: Keeping the importance of time in mind, developers have started to create shortcuts for ai software and tools that adapt well to the user’s workspace used for creating content.

These shortcuts are termed Chrome extensions which are easily available to download in the Google web store.

And once they get installed, it helps content creators generate quality content to compete in the market with just a few magical clicks and touches.

Combine the human mind with the artificial intelligence of the best Chrome extension to get phenomenal results in content

What is Chrome Extension, and Why Do You Need It?

Chrome extensions are software programs developed to change the functionality of Google Chrome and adjust it according to users liking. 

For example, users that like to block ads notifications, save passwords, and copy text from websites can download and install Chrome extension separately for all these functions from Chrome web stores.

You can understand now how the Google Chrome extension can make your daily tasks easier every day whenever you visit a website on the internet.

And the recent technological advancement, developers have started to develop extensions equipped with ai technology to improve Chrome’s working and efficiency for enhanced user experience. 

6 Best AI Chrome Extensions For You 

And now you may be wondering how ai technology has made Chrome extension more powerful; that is why we will reveal the 9 Best AI Chrome Extensions for your liking.

6 Best AI Chrome Extensions For You

So get a cup of coffee in your hand and keep reading to know how all these best extensions can improve your working through Google.

1- Jasper

Jasper is a well-known ai platform for its excellent ai writing abilities and features, but you would have never explored how it can help as a Chrome extension.

Jasper ai writer is skilled enough to write over 15000 words in almost fifteen minutes and generate images with a simple prompt which is one of the most mind-boggling features of this ai tool.

Moreover, it provides optimized existing or new content faster than human writers and frees you from hiring multiple writers. 

Let’s explore how it can be helpful for you as a google chrome extension after simply downloading and installing it from the Chrome web store under the name Jasper Everwhere Extension.

  • Adding it as a Chrome extension removes the daily effort you must put in to log in and remember passwords to use its ai features. 
  • After putting a successful prompt, it allows direct copy-pasting of your answers or content across other platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Webflow. 
  • Instant reach over 60 templates while working on Gmail, Google Docs, Canva, and many more.   
  • Need a single click to let its ai writer start working while responding to an email or creating social content.  
  • Help you deal with the online customer in a better and more engaging tone in a chat-based customer support system.

So if you are looking for a creative assistant right by side with you while working on other websites, then you must download this ai google extension.

2- Speak Ai

Speak Ai is the best Chrome extension software for researchers, businesses, and marketers wanting to transform audio and video transcriptions into quality SEO content.

Provide a competitive analysis of podcasts, youtube videos, customer feedback, and Zoom recording. Let you store audio, video, and text files in a massive repository for better management and shareability features.

Moreover, it can integrate with other apps to build a transcription and analysis workflow across thousands of platforms. 

What can users get from this AI powered platform?

  • Use its speech-to-text feature to curate quality transcriptions and organize large amounts of data into quality content.
  • It allows you to collect keywords, create summaries and observe user sentiments from the interview.
  • Content generated using this tool boosts your SEO efforts, increases visibility, and lets you reach wider audiences.  
  • Get custom support from Speak ai teams and analysis from experts to dominate your competitors.
  • Multiple tools are free to use, including audio-to-text and video-to-text converters, to let you analyze and learn from visual data.

So stop spending hours analyzing your audio or video data and let speak ai use its deep search, powerful algorithms, and other magical function to automate your content creating tasks.

3- Fireflies 

To automate and improve your online meeting experience and working, the Fireflies ai Chrome extension is available to download in the Chrome web store.

Its ai google extension can transform how you summarize meetings, articles, documents, emails, videos, and more. 

You can use this extension to attend online classes,  business meetings, hiring and recruiting, customer feedback, events, and webinars. 

What can it do for you?

  • If you have multiple online meetings to attend on Google and finding it challenging to manage altogether to join all back and forth, otter can record and join all these meetings instead of you
  • It can collaborate with recording tools, like Loom, Soapbox, or Bubble, to automatically transcribe a meeting and save it in your Fireflies storage.  
  • Meeting notes and complete summaries are available once you click the Fireflies dashboards. You also get notified through emails and can easily share them with teammates.
  • An ai assistant powered by chatGPT will always be with you to summarize articles and videos you surf on the websites.
  • With the extension, you can control recording VOIP, web calling systems, and dialers other than video conferencing.

So install this best Chrome extension to take advantage of essential things and critical points during meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, WebEX, etc.

4- Gizzmo

Increase your revenue by monetizing your website’s traffic in affiliating marketing programs by generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content through the Gizzmo platform.

Gizzmo ai platform effortlessly offers blog and affiliate monetization features, content optimization, and e-commerce-related content driven by ai technology.

Its Chrome extension streamlines ai commerce content generation by selecting suitable products from online marketplaces.

Ensure you have installed the extension before heading over to Amazon product pages and Look at how its Chrome extension improves your working experience with Gizzmo. 

  • You can only use this extension on Amazon product pages to enhance your browsing experience.
  • Allows only authorized users to access its product import feature, so it requires a token activation.
  • Gizzo allows you to directly import product information from Amazon product pages to WordPress sites without importing user data.
  • You only requires to click the “+” plus button to import products to the WordPress site.
  • The extension does not share or use users’ data, ensuring privacy. 
  • After adding a product, you can move to WordPress for customized settings like selecting tags to create posts.

Gizzmo Chrome extension lets you focus more on generating engaging content to attract an audience for your quickly imported products.

5- Scalenut

Create new, unique, and plagiarism-free content in a single click with the best Chrome extension developed by the Scalenut platform for you.

Scalenut Chrome extension provides you with an AI assistant who is no less than a super in writing content with Flash speed.

Moreover, it is easy to use with multiple features powered by AI algorithms working smoothly to write like humans but faster.

Downloading it as an extension from Chrome web stores is useful for the following reasons.

  • Creates sales-generating ad copies across all social platforms in a few clicks with customize templates.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the content, you can rephrase it to get multiple options to choose the most suitable one.
  • The extension software helps you quickly plan keywords for your niche to generate content accordingly.
  • If you have written some thoughts or text and are unsure how to continue, it can complete the rest of the paragraph once you command.
  • Adapts well to your workspace to give amazing post ideas, Instagram captions, product descriptions, effective emails, and many more. 

Get this ai google extension and save time creating quality optimized ad copies, blog posts, media posts, and emails. 

6- Otter

Another best Chrome extension for changing the way online meetings were conducted in the past is none other than Otter, an ai powered platform. 

It provides users with many features for online meetings, including live chat with teammates, comments, highlighting key points, and assigning and evaluating action items.

Moreover, the Otter extension helps you increase productivity and quality of online meetings, events, and e-learning. 

  • It automatically detects meeting links once you put them in Google and start working on enhancing your meeting experience.
  • Allows you to control the playback speed and import audio and video files for editing and managing transcriptions. 
  • It generates a live summary during an ongoing discussion to not let you miss important points.
  • This extension can integrate with other meeting platforms like Zoom to allow you to use all its features on others.
  • Otter Chrome extension can capture slides during online presentations to generate summaries and write key notes.

Installing it from google chrome extensions lets users work how they prefer and step up their work from home experience especially.

Benefits of Installing Chrome Extensions 

Above, You get to know some best Chrome extensions and a detailed analysis of their working to improve your web surfing experience online. 

Now it’s time to see what advantages or benefits you can get from installing and using these Chrome extensions. 

Automate your Company and business and research workflow using the best Chrome extension to generate and write quality content

Saves Time

Google extension saves time by letting use software features with a few clicks instead of understanding the working and operating whole software in separate tabs.

Moreover, logging in to the apps saves time, and remembering passwords whenever you visit the websites saves time.

Enhance productivity

Increase productivity by doing more tasks in the given time by eliminating the need to open separate tabs to use features and copy-pasting material.   

You can bring them to every website you surf to help you use its features directly to perform particular tasks. 

For example, you can use the Jasper extension placed in the corner as a pop-up icon to get its help while working in Google Docs to write content.  

Generate Massive Income

From the developer’s point of view, they can generate huge amounts of income and web traffic whenever they develop a Chrome extension that thousands of Google users use for business and other purposes.

Improves user experience

Users can customize the browsing setting and adjust its working with the best Chrome extensions according to their preferences, making it easy to do the regular task quicker and faster.

Moreover, users can save themselves from using and understanding complicated websites and directly use useful features of the software by downloading its Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.

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