Cookies Policy

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Cookies Policy

Any personal information you supply to us via our websites, our social media accounts, as well as via email or phone calls, is protected by our Cookie Policy. Personal information we obtain from third parties is likewise covered by this policy.

As a user of our products and services, you consent to collecting and using your personal information as described in this Policy. This includes browsing our websites for marketing. Your personal data may be shared between us and our partners when you use our products or services, in which case we will be joint controllers. According to their privacy policies, our partners may use your personal information.

Users can find the following information in this Cookies Policy:

  • What are cookies?
  • What are the different cookie types?
  • What are the purposes of cookies?
  • Why do cookies matter to Reverse Image?
  • How to manage cookies?

What Are Cookies?

In this policy, "device" refers to your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. A cookie is a little data file that includes a unique identifier that is transmitted by the webserver to your device so the website can store some data about your web activity on a website. We'll be able to see how you used our services, the IP address and browser type of your device, a general idea of where you're coming from, as well as the URL of the page that led you to our website if you came from another website. Your name and email address may be collected if you have registered for any services or if you are a subscriber, and this information may be provided to data processors for the purpose of verifying registered users or subscribers.

Cookies may also be replaced by "local storage" technologies in our Services. To improve our Services, to allow you to sign up for our Services, to track activity so that we can advertise to you in compliance with this policy, and to count the number of people who view advertisements on our Services, we use comparable technologies to cookies. When we use the term "cookies" in this policy, we are referring to cookies and other similar technologies.

In order to provide you with a more personalized experience, we use information collected through cookies to personalize our services. By collecting cookie data, we can better understand how you're using our Services so that we can offer you a better overall experience.

What Are The Different Cookie Types?

For the length of your web visit, session cookies are removed from your device when you exit the browser; they are not retained permanently.

We (or a third party) may use persistent cookies to help us (or you) identify you during a subsequent browsing session even after the browser has been closed.

First-party cookies are those that are set by the website you are currently visiting; they are not placed by any other parties.

Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by other organizations and are used in our services. External analytics firms and advertisers can also use these types of cookies to gather information about how users interact with our sites and measure the efficacy of their advertising campaigns. In order to allow you to share our information with your friends and networks, certain social media businesses may also set third-party cookies, which may affect the content and messages you see on websites you visit.

What Are The Purposes Of Cookies?

For the following purposes, we employ third-party cookies in conjunction with other data we have collected, including but not limited to:

1. ‘Strictly Necessary’ Cookies

In order for our Services to function properly, we must use these cookies. Parts of our websites wouldn't work if they didn't have these cookies. Unlike other cookies, these do not monitor where you have been on the internet, and they do not keep track of your preferences beyond your current visit. Session cookies expire when you close your browser, and this is the case with most of them.

2. Functional Cookies

Our Services wouldn't function properly without functional cookies. In order to provide you with a more customized experience on our websites, we use them to keep track of your preferences. It's impossible for us to identify you based on the information gathered by these cookies. In order to provide advertising, functional cookies do not monitor your browsing habits or gather the information that could be used to sell your personal information. Third-party service providers may also have the ability to implement their own privacy policies on our site.

3. Cookies for Analytical and Measurement Performance

Cookies that track the performance of our Services, such as the number of page views and unique visitors, are known as analytic performance cookies. A third-party company may create and operate web analytics services. In order to improve the user experience or highlight areas that need to be improved, we analyze patterns of user behavior provided by these cookies. In order to protect your privacy, we do not collect personal information such as your name or e-mail address, nor do we utilize it for any other reason.

4. "Behavioral Advertising" or "Targeting" Cookies

A cookie stores information about your visit to a website so that we or our trusted third-party network operators can serve you content or advertising that is more relevant to your interests. Online behavioral advertising (OBA) is a term that refers to the practice of targeting users based on their previous web surfing behavior. Using your web surfing history, websites may be able to learn more about you and target you with more appropriate advertisements. Without these cookies, the content and adverts you see may not be as tailored to your specific interests.

5. Social Media Cookies

Several of the social networking services we've integrated into the site establish cookies when you share or interact with our content on or through those platforms. They have the ability to follow your browser across multiple websites and compile a dossier on your personal preferences. You may see different content and messages on other websites because of this.

Why Do Cookies Matter To Reverse Image?

The following are some of the reasons why Reverse Image and our trusted partners employ cookies:

Functional and Essential Cookies

We use these cookies to provide a variety of online features, such as:

  • providing you with personalized content and experiences, like remembering the last page you visited on the Services, by gaining access to your data;
  • recognizing and presenting a customized version of the site to returning users;
  • preserving and verifying your identity while utilizing the services;
  • to help in the detection of fraudulent or abusive actions and to support security measures.

Cookies for Analytical and Measurement Performance

The information gathered by these cookies is used to help us improve the quality of our products and services. We can track which pages are being visited, how long they are being viewed, and which links are being followed using third-party analytics services like Google Analytics. We can then use this data to deliver more relevant content. The information gathered will be used for business analysis, site/platform enhancement, and performance measurements, as well as informing our advertising and marketing efforts, with the goal of providing trends and usage patterns. Sharing our cookies with our business partners is also an option. Our group firms and other partners' websites provide us with similar data on their users.

"Behavioral Advertising" or "Targeting" Cookies

Cookies are used to:

  • deliver personalized content and marketing communications depending on your visit;
  • manage internet advertising and revenue sharing. Cookies and web beacons are used to track how many unique visitors have seen a particular ad or clicked on a link in an ad; this helps us manage our relationship with our approved advertising partners, including Google (AdSense);
  • We and third parties can better target advertising to users based on their browsing patterns by measuring general user behavior throughout our sites and third-party sites. We can use this information to target advertisements to those users who have visited a review page for a particular camera, and we can also use this information to target advertisements to those users who have visited third-party sites that are part of the same advertising network;
  • in order to make it easier for trusted third parties to target specific their advertising with content that is more relevant to them;
  • provide you ads that are relevant to your web search activity on other websites;
  • count the number of people who viewed a specific advertisement or went to a specific page on one of our websites, analyze the performance of our ads research and reporting and provide auditing to our advertisers;
  • Third-party ad servers, ad agencies, technology suppliers, producers of advertisement content, research firms, and other entities that help us provide more promotional strategies and offer you a more customized experience are among the trusted partners we deal with. It is possible for third-party organizations to gather information about your browser or device as it communicates with their servers. This includes information such as your IP address and page header data.

Any cookies stored on your computer by third-party advertisers and sponsors are outside our control and we have no way of knowing about them.

Third-Party Cookies

You may see that cookies that are not related to Future have been put on some of our sites. Third-party service providers, such as YouTube, may place their respective cookies on your computer or mobile device when you view their content integrated on another website. As cookies are only accessible by the person that originally set them, Future has no means of knowing how these third-party cookies are being used. More information on these cookies can be found on the respective third-party websites.

Web beacons are another tool we use to keep tabs on the effectiveness of our email marketing initiatives. That's why we're able to see what pages on our websites you've visited when you open an email from us. Our web beacons don't keep any additional information on your device, but they can notify us if our emails are opened and validate any clicks on links or adverts by talking with our cookies on your device. Users who don't open our emails have the option of opting out, and we may tell our sponsors in aggregate how many people have clicked on their ads within the email by using these features. Personalizing email campaigns and deciding which of our emails are more attractive to users may also be done using this information.

How To Manage Cookies?

Cleaning your device of cookies - Clearing your browser's history will remove all cookies already installed on your device. Using this method, you can clear all of your previously visited websites' cookies.

Just keep in mind that you could accidentally delete some previously saved data (e.g. site preferences).

Site-specific cookie management - Check your preferred browser's privacy and cookie settings for more control over site-specific cookies.

Blocking cookies - Most current browsers allow you to prohibit cookies from being stored on your computer, but you will have to do this manually each time you visit a website. And there's a chance that certain features and functions won't function at all.

Web Beacons

By disabling cookies in your browser, web beacons and other tracking technologies can be rendered ineffective. There are additional browser extensions and add-ons that prevent web beacons. Web beacons in emails can be disabled by following the above instructions to delete existing cookies and prevent new ones from being set. Despite the fact that your IP address and other access device identifiers will still be sent to us automatically, no personal information about you will be collected.